Gabriel DropOut 10

Returning home from school for a vacation can mean leaving all your entertainment options behind.

“The Angels and Demons Return Home”

This might be the most slice-of-life style episode in this series yet. Most of the segments up to this point have been gags or character interactions mostly, while here we get just straight up daily life at home. It probably wouldn’t be as noticeable a shift if the comedy was a little better, but it was still nice to see where each character comes from. In terms of the home atmospheres, Satania’s is by far the most entertaining. Her family, with the exception of her little brother, is just as eccentric as she is. Vigne’s family is pretty much just an extension of her failings as a demon. They do have a pretty cool dog-thing though. Raphi’s visit to her mansion introduces us to the best character of the episode, the female butler Martiel. Her attempts to view her ward’s development over the past year are wonderfully dead-pan, in both delivery and reception.

What do you do when you go home for a holiday? Well, I guess you could play with your younger siblings or take your estranged dog for a walk? There is also the option to hang out with friends that you know in the area, and in this case we get the angels and demons pairing up to keep each other company. While there are some funny moments, most of the later half of the episode is just kind of boring. Perhaps it’s because we’ve seen how these characters interact so much already. I think if there was any semblance of plot to this series a few episodes back it is pretty much non-existent by now.

Episode Score
7.1/10 (Alright)

Gabriel DropOut - 10 - Juggling

Extra thoughts:
– Hyper imouto alert.
– Heaven is stuck in the Showa era.
– Well now we know where Satania getsĀ her smarts.
– The rest of the room is just wallpaper
– Vignette wins this round for best familiar.
– That is one honest butler.
– So is the principal God?
– Cha-ching. Increased stipend.


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