Kuzu no Honkai 09

Sometimes you just need to escape for a little vacation – just try to make sure your vacations aren’t as dramatic and stressful as the rest of your life.

“Butterfly Swimmer”

There is one major flaw with this episode, and it’s that it barely addresses the explosive issues hung over from the previous episode. It’s as if we all go on a bit of an escape with Hana and Ecchan, which is good in its own ways, but it also feels like retread ground just for the purpose of keeping us in suspense. The situation with the Kanai-sensei seems quite done at least, but that wasn’t really much of an issue after a pretty clear rejection. It’s Hana and Mugi that is the real mystery. The simple text message of “sorry” is just so cowardly and poignant that the rest of the episode is overshadowed by the feeling of “when do we get to the Mugi bit?”

It seemed for a moment like there would be some romantic tension between Hana and Atsuya that never really goes anywhere, and that is really for the best. Adding yet another angle to this plot might have seriously broken it, although Hana does have at least one major player out of her sights now. The teacher route seems officially dead, barring any kind of really strange reversal. And the Ecchan situation, aka the yuri route, is pretty much done as well after this summer escape. At least the characters remain as friends that can rely on each other in the future than just completely splitting like Ecchan suggests. If both parties understand the reasons, why burn bridges?

So there is a little bit of a Mugi x Akane tease at the end, and boy is it awkward. Even with so little said you can feel he is trying to distance himself from any immorality related to the situation while she feeds off of it. There has been a lot of discussion about how the end of this series goes, and as someone who has no exposure to this story prior to watching these episodes I can start to understand why there may be so many negative feelings. But as of yet there seems no real reason to critique this concept negatively. It is very honest and blunt about the more difficult emotions that come up in real life, and not just some glossed-over blush-fest of a rom-com. Sometimes things just don’t go the way you want, but you have to be ready to understand that to keep moving forward in life. If seeing someone (a fictional character in this case) go down a dark path who wants to bang their teacher and change their adulterous ways hurts you, that is quite alright. But don’t hate the storyteller because they’re showing you that life can be unreasonable.

Episode Score
7.6/10 (Good Enough)

Summary: Hanabi and Ecchan finally come to terms with their kind of relationship, while nothing else is really developed upon from the dramatic previous episode.

Kuzu no Honkai - 09 - In the Rain

Extra thoughts:
– Oh no she’s already crying. This is gonna be tough.
– Of course they won’t be alone on their vacation.
– Giant window in the bath.
– What does it mean to end things cleanly?
– Yuri route, re-activate.
– “I’ll do my best to forget,” and then they kiss…
– “You’ve bee rejected the whole time!”
– Full blown teacher role-play, although it’s not exactly pretend.
– Did they re-use the same shot from last time?


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