Masamune-kun no Revenge 10

What reason would someone have to pretend to be another’s childhood friend? There will surely be a lot of drama before we figure that one out.

“The New School Term Filled With Doubts”

OK. So there is something just wonderfully infuriating about this situation, and it’s worth getting right in to. First of all, Aki seems to think that this Gasou Kanetsugu guy is the Masamune from her past. That is just ridiculous, considering she barely even considered the person with the exact name of her childhood friend to even be a possibility. Sure, the real Masamune is quite transformed from his younger days, but come on. Really? Second, she has completely discarded her possible feelings for our Masamune because of the appearance of this other guy. Is everything they’ve been through meaningless?

It’s a bit of a mystery where this Kanetsugu even comes from. He seems to be the heir to some rich family (like everyone else apparently) and with enough status to be in an arranged marriage with the Adagaki family. The real question is why? Several whys, to be more precise. Why does Aki not remember that Gasou is the family name of her childhood friend, and why does this new guy have any interest in Aki or screwing with the real Masamune? The situation with Kanetsugu and Aki’s entourage is quite intriguing. They have been easily conscripted to the new guy’s side because they see Masamune as a beast, which he kind of is, but they are also rather quick to accept his profession of innocence. What kind of sane person promises to never advance their relationship with the one they love, even if they are clearly in the green, just because they are not good enough? It makes you wonder whether he truly has no interest and is being partially honest to them to extort their assistance, or is lying to remove the obstacle of real Masamune. Both of those are horrible behaviors, quite beyond the ill-motivated plot that Masamune plans for Aki. At least his is a misunderstanding and he really does love her. The truth will eventually come out as to who is who, but there is sure to be quite a bit of conflict as to the legitimacy of such statement. But really it doesn’t look good for Kanetsugu, so what’s his plan?

This series is presenting an odd yet interesting perspective on fat shaming and acceptance. Aki seems perfectly content with the pudgier Kanetsugu (re; young Masamune style), but both her friends and the real Masamune are giving her quite the ribbing for it behind her back. Masamune’s outlook is obviously jaded by his past trauma of being rejected as a “pig’s foot,” which has fueled his progression to the toned and slim character that he is today. On one hand I want to say it’s mean for everyone referring to Kanetsugu’s fatness as a detraction, but on the other hand he is not making it easy to like or even understand him. Somehow, though, the rest of the school seems quite endeared by him. As for the Snow White competition, it’s quite clear who will come out victorious. Masamune x Kojuurou for the win, any day.

Episode Score
8.2/10 (Very Good)

Summary: The infuriating conflict between Masamune and Masa-Kanetsugu has begun. I don’t use the word netorare lightly, but this is beyond Kuzu no Honkai levels.

Masamune-kun no Revenge - 10 - Betrothed
Betrothed? Mind blown.

Extra thoughts:
– At least stay within service range!
– He’s going to be One-Punch Man x5.
– Neko is fine now, thanks to medicine and stuff.
– His nickname is Masamune? Oh come on.
– Gratuitous pantsu shot. Compliments the gratuitous work-out shots.
– The goddess of destruction, Aki-sama.
– Does she carry that kendo sword around everywhere?
– As if the yoai pairing could face any competition.

Masamune-kun no Revenge - 10 - 23 Snow White Adagaki Aki


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