KonoSuba 2 – 09

This isn’t your average hot springs episode (moderately NSFW). Beware the cultists and their proselytizing, even in the most unlikely of places.

“A Goddess for This Corrupt Hot Springs Town”

Kazuma’s trip to the church of Axis is filled with wonderful comedy. As Aqua plays the part of arch priest in confessional, Kazuma expertly erodes her calm and collected demeanor with his usual teasing. Watching Aqua break down in to the person we all know her to be is just so satisfying. The whole town, and the way she guides her followers, is just all so shallow and cheap – just like Aqua! But you can love one individual with those traits. An entire town though? Not so much.

This may be one of the best bath scenes in modern history. There is just so much character to it that in most shows would be pushed aside for more boobs. There are naked female characters of course, but there are men too! Equal opportunity fan-service seems to be a trend this season. Kazuma decides to retire to the mixed bath after a long day of attempted conversion (I guess he’s not officially associated with the Axis cult). And what do you know? There is actually a naked woman there! Plus her man friend. It’s quite refreshing to see a show that doesn’t play the traditional mixed-bath gag reel. Nobody ended up in the wrong bath, and nobody had to bashfully hide behind a rock or nearly drown themselves.

Some of the greatest moments in this episode mix with some of the most fan-servicey. And that’s alright. As Kazuma puts his ear to the wall to listen in on Megumin and Darkness, he hears a rather honest conversation on what they think of him. They are so oddly kind to him in secret that he almost feels bad for listening in, but when things get hot he loses that train of thought. Megumin and Darkness are pretty good tricksters though, and really sock-it to Kazuma and his more lustful antics. It might be worth pointing out though that anything he could have seen wouldn’t be anything new. He has been in the bath at the mansion with both of them in some capacity. Perhaps its the two of them together that he is interested in? We can only assume.

Aqua’s time in this town goes pretty much as expected – not well for her. She accidentally purifies the hot springs water (usually full of minerals and stuff) and she gets laughed out of the church for claiming to be the real Aqua. To be fair, she does the most Aqua-like thing we have seen yet in trying to convince the townspeople that her purifying the hot springs waters is totally intended just so she can keep using them. Is the Demon King actually poisoning the town’s water? Probably not. But the thought is in the people’s heads and they have a suspiciously real fake goddess to demonize. Trouble follows these adventurers in the most fantastic of ways – I can only imagine how they’re going to get out of this one. Explooo- *cough*

Episode Score
9.0/10 (Great)

Summary: Aqua tries to fit in with her own followers, only to be cast out and demonized despite her goddess status. Meanwhile, Kazuma and the rest struggle with the insanity of it all.

KonoSuba 2 - 09 - Bath Fight
You knew this would be the gif…

Extra thoughts:
– Of course Darkness would want to be stoned.
– All of your fetishes are welcome in this church.
– Perfectly placed… everything.
– She threw Chomusuke at him!
– Megumin’s white outfit is super cute.
– Stop purifying my grape juice.
– Never claim to be the deity a cult worships.
– For anyone that really wants to see Kazuma’s butt.

Next time: “God’s Blessing on This Wonderful Party!”

My dear friends Funifura-san and Dodonko-san. Please don’t come to visit! I know you said you’re two days away from Axel, but please turn back right away! I assure you, I am not just pretending. Right now, the town is suffering from unprecedented storms and earthquakes as the Devil King’s generals are waging a siege; things are very dangerous. And is there something you enjoy about cornering someone? Well!? Is there?! -Yunyun

KonoSuba 2 - 09 - Darkness Shhh

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