Youjo Senki 07

Tanya is an unstoppable force with a keen strategic mind, but where is Being X to put her in her place? The battle for alternate history continues in the north.

“The Battle of the Fjord”

So the decisive battle for the north commences. This series is starting to suffer a little from the Mary Sue problem as Tanya consistently prevails against the odds and performs way beyond her rank. This is of course aided by the fact that s/he is actually an older man, but he really had no military to experience to speak of in his other life. The strength of this episode is mostly around the tragic Colonel Sioux and the interesting arc that he and his gun take throughout this story. With that in mind it is a rather fulfilling character arc, but it’s possible this won’t be the last we will see of him. If Tanya Sue doesn’t have a military rival to fight against then the series better pick up the action with Being X, who notably does not make an appearance here.

There are some truly terrible moments of CGI animation in this episode, with the most notable being the troops landing at the port and the odd pixelation that looks like an odd zoom on what was a smaller image. But it is somewhat well made up for with all of the scenes involving Tanya and the great work on┬áthose choreographed air battles – not to mention the beautiful stills of both the allied and imperial command buildings. The highlight of the battle is probably the few seconds of naval bombardment of the coast that we get to see, as the big guns of the incoming ships let loose. With the battle won, and what seems to be the end of the northern theater, can we expect to see the alternate timeline of the German empire winning World War 1?

Episode Score
7.4/10 (Good)

Youjo Senki - 07 - Fancy Flight


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