Gabriel DropOut 09

It’s the winter holiday season, for some reason, and it’s time to celebrate! Don’t worry if the specific celebration is antithetical to your beliefs, it’s all mostly commercial anyway.

“Christmas and New Year’s Eve Surprise”

Powering through the staples of slice-of-life comedy, it’s time for the Christmas/New year’s episode! This is always a bit odd how one-cour series bring up holidays nowhere near their air dates, but if they didn’t there would be pretty much no seasonal specials. This is also a rather fantastic Christmas episode. The play on the two demons celebrating Christ’s birthday is rather entertaining, and although we would expect Vigne to be completely non-demonic it’s rather fun to see them trick Satania in to celebrating too. It is pretty much just a commercial holiday anyway, but Raphi isn’t going to let that slide. Gab shows up just in time for the festivities completely neutral to the situation and with a little bit of self-aware sass. The visuals are also quite nice in this segment.

New year’s is also a funny situation for this crew when you consider the fact that they’re the completely wrong religion for the location. There isn’t much to this segment other than Gab’s whacky drunkenness. But with new year’s celebrations out of the way, it’s time to go home for winter break! This is a bit of an odd kind of comedy considering the world’s current situations with immigration and travel between countries (with one in particular becoming rather problematic). But who are we kidding? A lot of you have probably tried to trick a customs agent or two – and you’re bad! But Gab wants her video games over the break and she tries her hardest to put up a good act to get them through. At least they have the internet in heaven now? As for Satania, I really would like to see what she would get up to in heaven.

Episode Score
8.0/10 (Very Merry)

Gabriel DropOut - 09 - Drunk Gab

Extra thoughts:
– And suddenly it’s Merry Christmas.
– Or should I say Melon Breadmass.
РHow is Satania moving that tail?
– Putting Christ’s suffering back in to Christmas.
– Gifts of cash, cash, and cash. Who are you, Aqua?
– Swaps a yukata for shorts… much warmer.
– The perfect holiday phone wallpaper.
– Don’t mess around at customs, kiddos.


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