Kuzu no Honkai 08

The end of summer is an important time when emotions run high and big decisions are made. The time for confessions has arrived.

“Sweet Refrain”

After a brief return to normality with Hana and Mugi, the first section of the episode jumps to a part of the love dodecagon that finally doesn’t immediately concern either of the main characters. Ecchan meets with her attractive cousin who has a very open crush on her and you can pretty much guess how well that goes. It does not go. Not at all. But the ensuing conversation about the situation is really quite interesting, as it deals with the idea of love and its disconnection from gender. Ecchan kind of shallowly brings up the fact that she likes a girl and hates men, but she doesn’t seem to hate Atsuya so what does that make him? It’s a rather progressive outlook on love that isn’t touched upon very much.

With Hana and Mugi fully committing to confessing their feelings and being rejected you can pretty much assume what’s going to happen. It’s far too early for anything to work out so nicely. And lo and behold, both Mugi and Hana only partially admit their feelings to their respective teacher-figures. In fact they say almost the same thing, that they used to love them. Even though not communicated to each other, it’s clear that they both understood each other’s feelings between them and that these confessions were to be mostly symbolic. And despite the intention to purposely get rejected in both cases, it definitely doesn’t go so smoothly.

Mugi’s path is exponentially more complicated than Hana’s. He has had quite a few experiences (and close encounters) throughout his love life that perfectly contrasts Hana’s implied purity. While she has eyes for only one and would probably take a while to commit to anything physical with him, Mugi is ready to pounce on his target. And she is ready to receive. Akane gets blasted by Mugi’s analysis of her to great effect yet still insists that she loves him back, which he understandably has a hard time fully accepting – but it goes beyond that. Does it even matter to him at this point? She has been such an object of physical obsession for so long that it would be ridiculous in his mind to pass up this opportunity, even if just for the sake of some (rather sexy) closure. He spouts something about wanting to change her, but it comes off as kind of nonsense.

The ending of this episode manages to subvert my expectations a little. I figured that both of their unrequited loves would accept them, but this is way darker. With only Mugi getting it on with his teacher it leaves Hana out in the cold. We aren’t shown exactly if Mugi stands her up at their meeting but that is heavily implied. If he really commits to ‘changing’ Akane then Hana really will be quite alone, and he will be the biggest lustful jerk of the year. But it’s more complicated than that, considering he knows that he has feelings for Hana and that the Akane fling is oh so very fake. Too bad people are complicated things, right? Wrong! It’s great for this kind of series!

Episode Score
9.2/10 (Great)

Summary: The confessions finally happen, but only one side really gets anywhere after they both expected rejections. The most complicated outcome possible.

Extra thoughts:
– Let’s get homework done so we can study more. … No.
– Incest route, activate.
– Flashback over. I like this creep.
– He’s got to be at least 10 years older than Hana.
РMugi is just great at foreplay.
– Teacher dude turns her down? Because he really, really should.
– Good thing she still has Mu-… oh.
– Only limited boobs this time.


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