Gabriel DropOut 08

After a short vacation, Cloudy is back! Raphi finally gets a bit of what’s coming to her and Gabriel continues to redefine extreme laziness.

“Fall School Life”

Finally we get to see Raphi in some kind of distress instead of her causing it for others. This show has definitely been following the formula up until this point, so this is quite a welcome change. Despite the trouble revolving around boobs and their imminent release from containment, it plays as a rather innocent growing-pains situation. Her character has been blessed (ha..ha…) with a busty bosom, likely for less than pure reasons, so it seemed inevitable that it would be the subject of a segment sooner or later. As for the rest of the fitness exam, Gabriel’s attitude is just all too relatable.

Gab’s foray in to club life is an interesting turn, and we get some new extras beyond the pretty well-trodden main cast. The class president’s reactions to everything are quite fun, and these two previously faceless girls are actually quite the pair. They seem happy to cook for Gab, and style her hair while she eats! The twin-tails are a rather cute change to her style, but I was really hoping for a joke in the last segment where she would encounter one of the other main characters looking like that. Seems like a missed opportunity. Also notable is that Gab is a little bit more angelic in this episode than usual, with her compassion and good deeds really standing out. She does kind of let those girls buy their way in to heaven with food though…

Episode Score
8.1/10 (Very Good)

Gabriel DropOut - 08 - Perfect Landing
Spectacular recovery.

Extra thoughts:
Growing pains.
– Satania does seem like the athletic type.
– I can run well enough away from exercise.
– How do I get one of those medals?
– Where did she get that cat!?
– Glasses sensei is my hero.
– This is all too real.


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