Kuzu no Honkai 07

Dreams are an amazing thing, but once you realize you are dreaming it loses its luster. You have to return to reality and face your situation head on.

“Lots of Love”

There is a lot of selfishness in this episode. Hana is enacting her awkward revenge plan for her own desires, and then there’s Moca. Although I was dreading a potential Moca-specific entry, this might be one of my favorite episodes yet. If there is a perfect way to deal with the issues that Moca faces and how Mugi reacts to them then this is likely it. Mostly it is a tale of selfishness. She wants to live out her perfect princess life for her own needs more than anyone else’s. It’s a pretty normal self-serving attitude until it starts to affect other people’s lives and relationships because at that point it requires personal sacrifice to get what you want – a kind of paradox.

It gets pretty steamy with Moca, as expected. But it perfectly deflects the horrible morality of the situation by having Mugi put an end to it. He thinks for certain that he’s going to hell, and although that hasn’t been disproved yet he makes a pretty good effort to do the right thing. It does bring up the question of what the right thing to do in this situation is though. I will not be answering that question here, for lack of a Ph.D in psychology! On the other hand we have Hana and her struggles with random dude #42 or whoever he is again. Like Moca, she seems to realize that what she is doing is purely for her own fulfillment and not exactly the most moral of behaviors. Fortunately she can’t quite cross the line and lets him go off to other deviant escapades.

This brings us back to Hana and Mugi. It’s been a while since they’ve seen each other or talked and yet they are just as complimentary as ever. They just seem to fit well together. As for Hana’s plan to tell their crushes how they feel before the end of summer break, that would be a great thing for friends to make a pact on – those technically already in a relationship is a little odd. Considering their reasoning, that it would be nice to get a clean rejection and move on together, they are already admitting what they want! This is quite obviously setting us up for one or both of their crushes to accept their feelings and throw everything out of line. It seems like a simple solution to them, but it looks like it will only be getting more complicated from here on out.

Episode Score
8.7/10 (Very Good)

Summary: Moca gets her chance to be with Mugi but can’t get over the less than ideal circumstances of her happiness.

The least lewd gif of this episode.

Extra thoughts:
– We have yet to address Moca’s single father situation…
– “I’m scared of the pain” is not the tag-line of this show.
– Never take someone’s phone.
– This show is not getting any simpler.
– Young Mugi was such a little dick!
– The teacher’s reaction!
– Just as explicit as usual. Or way more! <- Definitely NSFW.


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