Masamune-kun no Revenge 08

Masamune has a tough time staying true to his convictions around Neko, but the plot will not be deterred. There’s more than meets the eye to every player in this series though.

“It’s Not You”

Starting off with Masamune and Aki’s awkward relationship, they seem to be pretty casual about date-like situations at this point. Most telling in this episode is that although this series loves to play up Aki’s frustration and feisty attitude for tsundere points it all has a purpose. It’s hard to imagine that Masamune can’t realize that Aki is upset because she wants him to pay attention to her and build a better rapport. The likelihood that she remembers him from the past is getting higher and higher, and we already know about her insecurities. She is cautiously taking her time and Masamune is constantly pushing her out of her comfort zone. The perfect recipe for anime drama.

There is an intriguing moment in this episode where Masamune seems to realize that Neko is faking interest in him, and it is really only justified by his past ability to detect falsehood. The scene it shows during that explanation is the younger Masamune hugging Aki – does he think she was faking her disinterest at the time? This would completely upend the entire premise of this series, but would also be quite interesting. As for Neko though, she puts up one of the best displays of affection possible and Masamune still finds a way out.

So is Neko really sick? It sure seems like it from the way it’s presented. It might be a little unfair to harp on her for being deceptive considering that is pretty much what we’re cheering for in this series, but it’s quite a bit different from Masamune’s revenge plot. In fact it isn’t even quite clear what her motives are beyond some kind of interest in Masamune (or my suspicions of a vendetta against Aki/Masamune). She seems oddly surprised in a disconnected kind of way after getting rejected, yet still sheds a tear. Either way, when it comes up that she has run away and Masamune is on the line for the blame, he manages the best answer possible. And really he shouldn’t be responsible for her actions after refusing her, as it is his choice to make. Now we just have to wait and see how Aki takes all of this new information.

Episode Score
9.0/10 (Great)

Summary: Despite an intense encounter with Neko, Masamune seems just as committed to his cause as ever. There will be consequences.


Extra thoughts:
– Masamune prescribes the One Punch-Man exercise.
– What muscle are you checking out there Masamune?
– Kids are brutally honest observers.
– Why is everyone in this series rich?
– Is this turning in to Kuzu no Honkai!?
– And suddenly more bathing suits!
– That is a serious love of ice cream.
– Honesty is usually the best course of action.


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