KonoSuba 2 – 07

Kazuma is faced with the dilemma of living a leisurely, boring life or a dangerous, exciting one. With all the money he could ever need tempting him it’s up to the rest of his team to get him out of the house.

“An Invitation for This Knucklehead”

It is fairly reasonable for Kazuma to rest on his laurels now that he is pretty much set for life. His deals with the excentric Vanir are set to rake in some serious cash, but he probably shouldn’t count his chickens too soon. Something is bound to go wrong there and they’ll all be down on their luck once again, but this series has a way about defying expectations that make it wonderfully unpredictable at times.

Although not much actually happens this episode, beyond some great comedy and a bit of relaxation, it is quite a good character study of Kazuma and Aqua’s relationship. They play off each other so well and sync perfectly when teasing Megumin and Darkness. Their bickering is classic couple fare with Kazuma going all the way to “I wish you didn’t exist” territory before finally eliciting an apology from the whining Aqua. It’s pretty clear that he wouldn’t have his life here any other way, and especially without Aqua. She actually tends to be far more useful than how it usually appears on the surface and who knows how lonely Kazuma would have been without her friendship (if that’s what you want to call it). Every time they get going on one another it’s a treat to see who will break first, whether it be Kazuma getting thrown out with his kotatsu or Aqua not wanting to be left in a dungeon.

A little bit of peace is a nice change of pace in a fantasy series. It can’t be all magic and battles the entire time. The montage shown of the trip the crew is taking really hits all the soft spots for each character. The baby red dragon is also of interesting note, in that something like that has to be there for a reason. Otherwise it really has Megumin’s attention for being so cute – it even beats out Chomusuke somehow! Despite all of this peace and tranquility, they don’t even make it to the hot springs in this episode.

Episode Score
8.9/10 (Very Good)

Summary: Basking in their continued wealth, Kazuma and Aqua start living the high-life. Adventure is never far behind these characters though, so don’t get too comfortable. Otherwise, not much happens here.


Extra thoughts:
– Just as a reference, the font color used in this review is “aqua”
– Nobody wears pants in this series.
– She’s so short! Or he’s really tall?
– I don’t remember the context of this steamy shot. Oh well.
– Did someone say hot springs!?
– Kazuma and Aqua might as well be a married couple.
– A road trip with friends can be a lot of fun.
– There seem to be a lot of fast running creatures in this fantasy world.

Next time: “Sightseeing in This Pitiful City”

To my dear friends Funifura-san and Dodonko-san. Thank you for your response. I’m doing well. Regarding the friends I mentioned in my letter, they really do exist. Honestly. So please stop saying it’s impossible for someone who has social anxiety to make friends, and demanding the truth. You’re hurting my feelings. -Yunyun


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