Gabriel DropOut 07

Vignette has a difficult time being evil. She really doesn’t manage to improve on that much in this episode.

“Vigne’s Demonic Life”

This entry focuses almost entirely on Vignette and her attempts at being at least somewhat demonic. That goes about as well as expected, as it just clearly is not in her nature. I really do wonder how she got to be this way. We kind of know how Gab got pulled in to the world of online gaming and laziness, but why is Vigne so damn nice? At least Satania is kind of demonic, and trying trying so hard, but just really bad at it. It is probably too much to expect a deeper answer from this kind of show. If I had to bet, all of these girls got accepted to the wrong academy by some kind of bureaucratic mix-up when it came to other-worldly test results, or something. In fact, how did Vigne even pass her demonic training?

In the final moments we get a small amount of respite from Gab’s less-than-angelic ways. Although she rather evilly draws a cat face on Vigne, her actions are almost befitting of a quirky angel. It’s not all quite on the level, but even Vigne notices that Gab did a few good things. Perhaps she’s trying to increase her stipend from heaven, and being about as successful as Vigne is this entire episode. Some good comedy again this time, but not quite on the level of previous entries.

Episode Score
7.5/10 (Good)


Extra thoughts:
– If you are Vigne in the opening, you’re doing it wrong.
– The proportions are rather weird here.
– Right where it hurts.
– Ah, kuma.
– This coffee shop owner deserves to have his own show.
– What other embarrassing things did she do!?
– That dog has a serious thing for Satania.
– A pile of Gabs.
– That ending is disturbing.


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