Youjo Senki 05 & 06

With no new episode this week it’s a good time to catch up. The struggle between Tanya, life, and the elusive Being X continues.

05 – “My First Battalion”

So Dakia is essentially Romania, in the south-east of the empire and woefully unprepared against a technologically superior force. It’s mentioned that they’re still fighting with previous century tactics, and although it wasn’t thanks exactly to air superiority (or magic) the Romanian forces did sustain heavy casualties throughout the war. It’s interesting that this guy who doesn’t really like Tanya very much picked such an easy target for her, but it also plays right in to the problem that (s)he faces. When you’re too good, you get more work. At every turn Tanya keeps attempting to be just passable or even disqualified from consideration for operations and it never works out. It’s almost as if God has a bit of a hand in this. No ‘Being X’ this episode, and considering Tanya is playing along and praying it could be a while before we see it again. I guess pretending to be a grade-school kid isn’t exactly breaking it’s rules or international law.

Episode Score
8.0/10 (Semi-Historical)

06 – “Beginning of Madness”

Picking up after the rather easy battle of Dakia, Tanya’s new elite squad is┬ásent north to defend supply lines and show off their skills. They certainly manage to show off quite well, refusing reinforcements and taking out everything in their path. The action is especially fun when Tanya goes all god-mode on the enemy with what appears to be Gundam targeting systems. But there is something lacking in this series so far. Being X is a great enemy but its presence is so rare and intentions so vague that it doesn’t really hold up as a primary antagonist episode to episode. Here it appears at a great moment but does little with it. There seem to be plenty of characters on the other sides of national divides for Tanya to fight but nobody as of yet is particularly interesting. The ending of this episode seems to play up the newly promoted mage colonel as more than a write-off character, but I also feel that bringing too much focus on a human enemy might devalue the Being X plot slightly. It’s half way through the series, perhaps it will all come in to focus a little better upon return from the break.

Episode Score
7.6/10 (Needs More Being X)



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