Dragon Ball Super 79

It’s finally time to watch Buu go all-out again after all these years. He seems just as bouncy as ever.

“Universe 9’s Basil The Kicker vs Universe 7’s Majin Buu”

Buu is definitely a character that has gone underused in this series so far. He is nearly invincible and the strongest entity in the universe behind Goku and Vegeta (and Beerus/Whis perhaps), and even his eventual defeat (or at least Kid Buu) came at the hands of the spirit bomb and not single combat. There is some risk to bringing him along to any serious battles though. He isn’t quite the type to play along unless Mr. Satan is there to encourage him.

Angry Buu is amazing. There’s such menace to a character that is so child-like and then completely loses it on their opponent. The action and fight choreography here is pretty fun, including Buu’s ability to regenerate massive holes in his body and that super cool deflection of the giant energy ball. It also seems that the spectators aren’t as well protected as they were in the previous tournament arc. Mr. Satan is injured (because he is laughably the weakest person there) and Mr. Mysterious Toppo has to absorb the energy ball shot towards the clown god platform. This really adds to the excitement of this tournament, as it keeps the spectators on their feet and aware of the power on display at all times. The only major flaw in this fight is that not once but twice does Buu’s opponent blow him up in a giant cloud of smoke and then assume he has won. That is such an old and tired trope that most of us could really do without, especially considering that Buu’s resilience is well known to the viewer – but to do it twice in an episode is really grinding.

If the pace of one fight per episode can be expected for this exhibition round, it might be a while yet before the start of the actual tournament. Don’t forget that we still need to be introduced to the rest of the team, or at least see their recruitment. Most notably is Android 17 and where in the world he comes from after all this time. One round per episode is definitely functional though, and it gives us just enough time to understand each enemy in the first half before the real action comes out in the second. Long gone are the days of powering-up for 21 minutes. The attention span of current viewers just can’t handle that anymore. In this case though, the attention span that matters is Zen-chan’s, so it really means that each match could continue until he is satisfied.

Episode Score
7.8/10 (Buu-tastic)

Summary: When Buu gets angry it’s all over. A single-trick, first-rung fighter has little chance against an essentially invincible monster.


Next time:
– HOW could the Supreme Kai think Buu is defeated already!?
– Goku is clearly quite confident.
– Good thing Buu doesn’t have anything there.
– Don’t hurt Mr. Satan, if you know what’s good for you.
– They are really playing up this cloaked guy from clown universe.
– That looks like cheating.
– Rules clearly don’t matter if Zen-chan likes it.
– Don’t use performance-enhancing drugs, kiddos.
– Where the hell did all that food come from!?

Next time: “Awaken Your Sleeping Battle Spirit! Son Gohan’s Fight!!”


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