Kuzu no Honkai 06

Vengeance is a tough task. Even if you succeed you might see yourself become exactly what you were once fighting against.

“Welcome To The X Dimension”

Why are the so many angles to this love-nonagon (that’s nine)!? The journeys each of our main characters, and especially Hana and Mugi, are taking just keep spiraling down in to the depths of relationship hell. Considering all that happens in this episode it’s quite easily forgotten that Hana and Mugi are actually dating for real now. It’s played down so well that what should be a mutual realization of love beyond the act they once perpetuated rings completely hollow. Everything else overshadows this happy event with a thick veil of lies.

Hana sees the most screen time here, as her problems are quite a bit more complex than anyone else’s at this point in the story. With Akane’s savage antagonistic attitude bearing down on her, Hana strives to take away her power by wooing her play-things. Definitely not the smartest plan, but it really could work if Hana could just think things through a little more. Going after her harem isn’t exactly going to have much effect when she cares so little about each individual. It is the ability to court all of these love fools that needs to be cut off. Hana manages to get herself in deep with a guy that she really doesn’t care about, realizes that it has no purpose in the long run, and then keeps going anyway. It might be another complication in her life, but it clearly isn’t solving her emptiness problem.

Of considerably greater concern is the arc involving Ecchan. The amount of sheer conviction wasn’t this clear in earlier episodes and the development to this point has been well played. She has come to terms so much with her feelings that it is all that drives her, and despite Hana’s rejection and ultimatums Ecchan persists. It’s behavior that we consider to be so fitting of male stereotypes that it is almost jarring when it occurs here. It all brings to light the question of enemies and allies in this story. Although Akane is a clear antagonist across the board, Ecchan is really building herself up to be seriously problematic as well. If she ever gets involved in what Akane is doing to the main couple (Hana x Mugi) we could have a real sh*t show of backstabbing and emotional sabotage.

Episode Score
8.8/10 (Very Good)

Summary: Now that everyone is cheating on everyone else with at least two other people, how much crazier can it get? Hard choices are thought about here, but not yet made.


Extra thoughts:
– Bit of a yandere face there.
– Super creepy vibes from Ecchan.
– OK Ecchan, you’re the real yandere here.
This guy looks too much like Mugi.
– Oh snap, Hana lays down the burn on this creep.
– Don’t cheat on people because you think you’re being cheated on!!
– Oh wait he is being cheated on… well carry on then?


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