KonoSuba 2 – 06

When you just can’t take the harsh realities of life (in another world), turn to your friends for inspiration to keep on keeping on.

“Goodbye to This Irritating Living World!”

Kazuma has a pretty good idea going with his business venture, and thanks to a randomly respawned boss-turned-good he can finally put it in to practice. First thing on most people’s list may not have been a kotatsu, but it’s a pretty damn good idea. Kazuma does get to the second item eventually – a brand new katana for him to look super cool! Too bad the plat armor didn’t work out. It really upped his adventurer cred to the next level.

The amount of serious posturing and its usual disastrous backfiring is one of the key aspects of this episode. There is a full-on parody of how other fantasy series use certain tropes to build up mundane achievements or events in to potentially life-altering moments in order to keep the story exciting. Kazuma’s new sword isn’t really that impressive that it needs multiple intense camera angle changes and triumphant music to accompany it. This happens a few times to, most notably during the battle with the lizard runners. Everyone gets their moment to be built up as the epic adventurer they definitely aren’t, and somewhat average moves like snipe get played to the extreme. I personally enjoy the moment before Kazuma and Darkness find out that Vanir is still alive after all. A suddenly serious moment taken for a character that really didn’t matter or make much of an impression on our heroes is the kind of dramatic irony that I can really appreciate.

With all the comedy on display it could be difficult to notice that this episode has a deeper moral to its story – one of motivation. Right from the top we have Kazuma lazing in the kotatsu and Aqua refusing to go out in the cold, and with all their money now why bother? They could just live out life in their mansion. But when it comes down to continuing on, it’s the group of friends that motivate each other to keep pressing forward in life. It’s a nice sentiment that is wonderfully obscured in the comedic antics of Kazuma’s delayed revival. Although it is hard to say whether they really motivate him to continue or simply appeal to his pride. Either way it ends in the best body-graffiti Kazuma could have ever asked for.

Episode Score
8.9/10 (Motivational)

Summary: Leveling up and defeating the demon king is a tough job, which brings Kazuma to question whether being an adventurer is even worth it.


Extra thoughts:
– This is the good life.
– Can’t lose an interesting character that easily.
– Thank you for the visual example.
– Chunchunmaru is a pretty good name, right?
– At least Aqua knows how her life is supposed to play out.
– Kazuma has found his main heroine after all.
– It’s not all about looks for Kazuma. What a good guy.
– Megumin is the true goddess of this series. No favoritism here.
– This is my dagger and this is my sword.
– The Holy Sword Excalibur.

Next time: “An Invitation for This Kuncuklehead!”

To Funifura-san and Dodonko-san in the Crimson Demon Village. How are you doing? I’m doing well. Right now, I’m an adventurer with some friends in the town of Axel. Our members consist of an adventurer who is just starting out, and arch priest girl, and a crusader girl. It’s true. Also, Megumin has no friends. I’d hate to end up like that. – Yunyun

The ultimate dream team:


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