Nyanko Days 06

A new neko is introduced in a much needed return to form.

“Azumi and Elsa”

Introducing Elsa, the Turkish Angora – an exceptionally cute breed of cat and well-suited to the rich persons’ tastes. We don’t have too much characterization for Yuuko’s cats beyond maybe one stereotype each, but there is quite a lot shown here about Elsa in only a few scenes. She (why are there no boy cats?) seems to be the definition of what one would expect a cat to be with human consciousness. There’s a certain self-awareness, a bit of tsundere, and a kind of aloof attitude that fits a cat perfectly. Basically she’s the best character in this series so far. In other human events, Azumi is confirmed again to be mostly just a shallow rich girl who was interested in someone else because of their material possessions. I might be reading in to this too much.

“Not as if I’m lonely or anything.”

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