Gabriel DropOut 06

Satania does her best to finally prove her wickedness with exactly the kind of results you should expect.

“Satania’s Counterattack”

Any episode that features Satania (so most of them) is bound to be a good time. Unfortunately there is no sign of Tapris this time around, as she definitely made a very good impression in her feature. The complete failures against Gabriel could have been turned around so well if Satania was set up against Tapris to redeem herself. But alas, the series continues with the four main characters. Gabriel continues to be rather apathetic in most scenes, yet undeniably smart about turning situations around on Satania. It’s not exactly amazing writing, as most jokes can be seen coming a mile away, but it’s still fun in some ways.

The best segment of this episode has to be the drawing class and Satania’s torture of the class president. The comedy seems to work best when either Satania is succeeding or Gabriel is breaking out of her apathy, so having an easy target for Satania makes this scene quite entertaining. The switch to Halloween is rather sudden, but it’s a good excuse to get the characters in to costumes I guess? Gabriel gets forced in to the best neko one-piece ever thanks to an actually kind of demonic move by Vigne! The highlight of the final segment, although also quite predictable, is that the teacher actually had treats for them – causing Satania’s odd revenge plot to backfire. Just goes to show, even the meanest looking people can have a nice side.

“No costu-… I hate you all.”

Episode Score
7.4/10 (Good)

Extra thoughts:
– Don’t bring guns to school…
– No mercy.
– Laughter is contagious, especially Satania’s.
– Shogi is essentially Japanese chess, fyi.
– Satania loves nudes. We’ve already seen evidence of this.
– Suddenly it’s Halloween?
– Gab wins best costume.
– Sensei really came through there.



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