Dragon Ball Super 78

With time still until the main event, future Zen-oh wants to see what the deal is with this tournament stuff. Enter the furry universe.

“The Gods of Every Universe In Shock?! Losers Erased in the Tournament of Power”

This arc has the makings of something truly super. This episode is one of those necessary evil set-up situations, and that is quite alright. But it also looks like we’ll be in that phase for a few weeks before the exhibition match and gathering all the participants can make way for the main event. 10 is a lot of fighters for each universe, considering there are 12 universes, but it also affords us the chance to see some old favorites back in the swing of things. Depending on how this tournament is presented there could be an unruly amount of characters to keep track of coming up, and that doesn’t even account for the Supreme Kais, gods of destruction, and angels from each universe! Their first appearance has been made, and some of them seem quite ominous.

Considering this is the “Universe Survival Arc”, the consequences are appropriately dire for the tournament of power. There’s no prize for winning other than the fact your universe doesn’t get erased! I would say this is classic Zen-oh but we haven’t really seen him do much along the lines of everyone’s fears to this point. His destruction of pretty much everything in the future timeline is the only real basis for impulsiveness we have to go on. Either way, the gods really should let Goku ask for the consequences to be slightly less dire. It’s been made pretty clear that Goku can say whatever he wants to the Zen-chans without much consequence. It would be worth a shot.

The short exhibition match against Universe Furry, for the purpose of bringing future Zen-oh up to speed, is a pretty good idea. If there is no consequence for losing an exhibition match, perhaps Goku should have chosen a greater range of fighting prowess to have on this small team. He is essentially a god, and likely their best fighter, while Gohan is quite strong and Buu is incredibly powerful. It’s hard to say exactly what level Buu is at by this point, but if he can channel some of the crazy powers from the Buu saga (super/kid Buu perhaps) then his fights could be quite fun. Going forward this is a great trajectory for the series, as the danger is quite real and the real threats still very much unknown.

Episode Score
8.0/10 (Hype)

Summary: Goku has plunged the entirety of existence (or at least 92% of it) in to extreme peril. But in the meantime, let’s have some exhibition matches!


Extra thoughts:
– You get not erased for winning!
– Did Goku forget that Gohan existed for a moment?
– Never keep secrets from your wife. Or the entire universe!
– Alright, who did Buu turn in to that chocolate…
– Universe 9 is the furry universe.
– There are now a tonne of characters to keep track of.
– I think we can guess who the shrouded character is from clown universe.
– Buu can’t fight a dog. He loves dogs!
– The return of Buu’s evil smirk is so hype.

Next time: “Universe 9’s Basil the Kicker vs Universe 7’s Majin Buu!!”


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