Kuzu no Honkai 05

Infidelity and its acceptance. Honest truths keep hitting hard in this brutal struggle for love and avoiding loneliness. (Plenty of NSFW stuff in here.)

“Destruction Baby”

So it turns out that everyone is kind of terrible in this series. After Hana’s lustful escapades with Ecchan, Mugi has gone back to his sexually proactive ex-girlfriend for a release of his own. It seemed like the obvious result of this would be a bunch of secrets and tension around the problems of cheating, even if the relationship is mostly for show anyway. Well that is pleasantly subverted as both Hana and Mugi seem to know instinctively that the other has done something sexual. Strangest of all is that they are both pretty much fine with it, for a while. It all gets a little confusing when Mugi realizes Hana is still technically a virgin, by the more traditional of standards. This rift between them, back again by the end of the episode, could really be quite easily mended if Mugi could just know who Hana was with, and it seems odd that she still can’t confide in him after they got all hot about it for a moment.

Mr. non-descript, Kainai-sensei, might be just a little less boring than once thought. It’s hard to feel any kind of sympathy for his character despite him being likely the most relatable in the series. Yeah that’s right, a lot of you out there are boring, shy, and idealistic. It’s not really a bad thing, but it’s quite easy for that kind of person to get caught up in the pace of others and this series paints that quite clearly.

Akane really takes home the prize for being most terrible again. She seduces Kanai for some fun, realizes he’s boring and not really her thing, and then when he reveals his (probable) love for Hana it becomes fun again. Considering Hana’s non-issue with Mugi cheating on her, and having experience at all, it’s quite interesting to see her so wrecked by Akane purposely spilling the beans at the end of the episode. This episode really hits every end of the spectrum with the concept of dealing with the object of your affection’s past experiences. Mugi, on the other hand, seems to be quite alright with Akane’s somewhat frivolous attitude towards sex. This series is presenting a lot of interestingly honest truths about dealing with love and relationships, and despite it all being a little over-the-top it also feels so real. If each episode can keep capitalizing on this kind of tension and release (*cough*), it’s only going to get more exciting from here.

Episode Score
9.1/10 (Great)

Summary: Everyone has sex with someone they probably shouldn’t, and then it gets steamier. The rift between Hana and Mugi seems to grow and mend at an alarming pace.


Extra thoughts:
– Waking up with hair in the face. It’s not so bad.
– So he knows about Akane already!?
– Why doesn’t she just carry some extra clothes everywhere?
More licking. And new this week, biting.
– Now they’re both shallow cheaters.
– The life of so many pianists.
– Oh no, everyone’s a weirdo.
– He was expecting something else, obviously.
– Damn, that Akane is properly evil.


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