Masamune-kun no Revenge 06

What do you do when your enemy appears in your kitchen? Have them make you dinner of course. Just don’t let them near your room.

“Attack! Battle of the Home Visits”

After a brief awkward moment between Yoshino and Neko, which establishes the theme of the episode, we pick up right where we left off with an impending kiss in the pool. It’s the kind of romantic tension I could watch for 22 minutes straight if it could sustain it. The internal monologue from Masamune is always pretty good, but here it shines as he laments the loss of his big final move and jumps through so many mental hoops to justify kissing Aki now. You would think that if he is so dedicated to the plan it wouldn’t really even matter – just keep a level head and go with the obvious flow. But we all know he’s actually madly in love with this cruel princess.

Most of the episode is a duel of sorts between Masamune’s ally Yoshino and the unpredictable Neko. There is a little bit more of her character revealed to us, unfortunately making her kind of compatible with Masamune after all. She still seems quite devious in her attempts to get closer to him though, to the point of scoping out his neighborhood. To be fair though, everyone in this show is kind of devious and plotting. Well, things go horribly right and both girls end up in Masamune’s house making dinner with his mom. It’s kind of a strange nightmare fantasy for a high school student who is unable to discern the risks from the benefits. It all turns out rather cute, and we get to spend more time with the blatantly “my little sister is this cute” Chinatsu (popular little sister name). Everything is played quite perfectly, from the embarrassment of his room to summer fireworks and yukatas.

In the final moments it’s shown that Neko has taken the picture of Masamune as a kid with Aki – the most destructive piece of evidence that can be used against him. The situation had to be forced eventually as the truth about the past has been looming for a while now. Although I have no knowledge of the plot ahead, it seems pretty likely that Aki does remember Masamune from when they were kids. She has clearly been built up as a character that not only despises men but also completely destroys them whenever possible. This just isn’t happening with Masamune, and she constantly gets caught up in the pace of things or clearly emotional. As for Neko, it is actually revealed that she had a part in Masamune’s past, as his mom remembers her. Conflict and greater romantic tension is on the horizon.

Episode Score
8.7/10 (Very Good)

Summary: Neko is a dangerous foe for both Yoshino and Masamune, and she manages to keep one step ahead of them at all times. Lots of high-calorie food in this one.


Extra thoughts:
– Masamune might have put too much thought in to this.
A ham.. really!?
– Nice cardio body.
– The music in the kitchen was essentially “Little Brown Jug
– “Oh, this must not be my house.”
– “But the loli hag is here…”
– Moms are just that awkward.
Full size Chinatsu, for all you weirdos.
– Yukatas are necessary for fireworks.
– Aki seems like a good friend.
– Don’t get caught up in her pace. Aki is your true love.
– She stole his picture…



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