KonoSuba 2 – 05

Another commander of the demon lord’s army makes an appearance, only to face the true unfortunate of opposing Kazuma’s party of insanity.

“Servitude for this Masked Knight”

After a rather Darkness-heavy outing last time, we get an episode that is once again quite focused on her character and interactions with Kazuma. With her masochist tendencies so fresh in our minds it felt a little tedious to continue having her as the primary subject of an entire episode, but it does wrap up her story to a degree. Kazuma enacts his super embarrassing thing by telling everyone in the adventurer’s guild that Darkness’ name is really Lalatina to quite the expected effect. Aqua also continues to be a semi-competent version of a goddess here, but that gets shut down pretty hard several times by realizations of poor instinct and just random chance. Her character is definitely growing though, despite being rather completely defined through the first season.

Parody is on point again this time. There have been so many instances of characters being taken over by evil spirits or possessed in some way, and it usually plays out so typically. This definitely isn’t one of those moments. Darkness truly enjoys the experience to the extent that it is weakening the evil possessing her. It’s quite the opposite of the usual struggle required to free one’s self from such a situation. The means in which Venir is defeated is a little odd, but also pretty consistent with this series and Darkness’ character so far. Just blow her up, she’ll be fine. Plus it’s another great excuse to see some wicked explosion magic, and Megumin has become a total boss on that subject.

The ending of this episode plays against the norm that the defining aspect of character struggle tends to go unresolved, possibly even beyond the end of a series. The debt has been paid, and it’s barely half-way in to the season! It does feel a little sudden, but that is really the function of this series. It can do whatever it wants, and damn well will. The big positive to this is that we can’t just be comfortable in the assumption that there is a challenge that needs to be overcome for this season but that it could actually go somewhere. What will Kazuma and his crew do with their new found riches? If that kind of money is on the table for defeating a demon commander, and considering their track record, they might as well keep it up.

Episode Score
7.9/10 (Good)

Summary: Kazuma and Darkness walk in to an exceptionally profitable opportunity, and when I say opportunity it really means more pain for Lalatina.

Extra thoughts:
– It’s always Aqua’s fault.
Chomusuke would be my best friend too.
– Talk about a petty death wish.
– Venir has an insane number of power camera angles.
– The “I’m not dead yet” trope also recently from Re:Zero.
– They should at least step back a little from her explosions…
– Ominous extra character commenting on the situation.

Next time: “Goodbye to this Irritating Living World”

Father, mother. Are you doing well? I’m doing fine. I’m working hard as an adventurer every day. Huh? Party Members? Of course I have some! We’re all great friends, y’know? I’m not lying, okay? Seriously, you don’t need to worry!
– Yunyn


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