Gabriel DropOut 05

Another angel joins the fray to destabilize the status quo of evil angels and angelic demons.

“The Angel Whose Illusions Were Shattered Like Hell”

The addition of a new, actually pure (kinda), angel finally tips the scale away from the cliché this series has been building up. Tapris “Sugarbell” Chisaki is just the kind of character needed after so many gags about theses angels and demons being the opposite of what they’re supposed to be. Somebody has to be the actual straight-man or tsukkomi to everyone else’s boke. But wait, she’s a bit of an airhead too! Seems you really can fill both roles with one character. She is also wonderfully cute in her naivety, and her character design matches Gabriel’s so much you’d think they were related. The showdown between Tapris and Satania is exceptionally well executed, thanks to the scheming Raphi. It’s finally a time for Satania to shine as the demon she wants to be, no matter how pathetic it ends up being. These two are by far the best comical duo in this series as of yet.

We get a little glimpse in to Tapris’ dark side during Satania’s antics. Turns out she has a bit of a lustful side for our titular Gabriel thanks to an amazingly well-timed Freudian slip. And considering some of those rather compromising pictures Satania has, she might too. But Tapris’ affection is presented in an almost explosive manner in such little bites that it’s pretty unforgettable but also doesn’t fully define her. It would have been too easy for the series to go in that fan-servicey direction. Will she be back in much capacity? It’s hard to say, but clearly heaven doesn’t keep too much of a leash on their middle-school students if they can just tap-out for a day.

Episode Score
8.1/10 (More Angels)

She is a demon after all.



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