Dragon Ball Super 77

New opening sequences are such hype. It’s hard not to be excited for this new arc, with never before seen enemies and some old familiar faces on the way!

New OP!

“Let’s Do It, Zen-Oh Sama! The All-Universe Martial Arts Tournament!!”

This is a true set-up episode. As we have definitely moved out of the ‘filler’ and back towards the trajectory this series should be on, a transitional episode is definitely warranted. There might even be a bit of a transition to better animation, if the new OP and some of the work in this episode is anything to go by (probably not). But the great thing about what we have here is that it never quite feels like it’s wasting our time. It pulls us quite seamlessly out of Goku’s boredom arc (ya that’s what I’m calling it) and in to a new part of the Dragon Ball timeline. There has definitely been a time-skip of sorts, as Goku’s crops have grown a few times for him to become a popular farmer, and Bulma is due to have another baby!

All of the familial relations in this episode ring truer than I have ever seen them before. The comedy with Chi-Chi works along the same lines as it always has, while Goten really steps up in to his own kind of characterization. He’s not nearly as naive as Goku or as whiny as his older brother. There is quite a bit of excitement there for a moment when it seems like Goten might train with Goku and Whis! But alas, he’ll have to stick to sparring with someone his own size. Speaking of Trunks and his now expanding family, it’s quite intriguing to see a new character about to be brought in to a major saiyan family. It’s probably best not to question the ages of some of these characters, considering Pan is Goku’s grand-daughter and Bulma is definitely older than Goku. Vegeta seems pretty happy with himself though, and is now officially making the transition to super-dad in the race to out-do Goku at all things.

Goku’s confrontation with Beerus is an interesting continuation of their testy relationship. It’s been pretty slapstick fun and games up to this point, but when Goku’s naivety threatens the very existence of the universe itself Beerus finally gets serious. It sends chills down the spine when he brings his hand up in the way he has destroyed so many things before. And he’s not wrong, Goku really is likely the greatest menace to the universe at this time. But in the end Goku gets his way because the cat-god of destruction is as easily tricked as, well, a cat.

Zen-chan (x2) is even cuter than ever here. His attendants have a certain gravitas to them that commands respect from everyone but Goku, and the high priest looks to be the real brains of the operation. There was an explanation of how relatively strong some of the major players were a while back, when we hear that Whis is much stronger than Beerus and this high priest is even stronger than Whis. There could be a lot of interesting match-ups to come from this new Tournament of Power considering the previews we’ve been given, but it’s the organizers and how they might come in to play that is really intriguing. Ten fighters per universe and twelve universes? Feels more like the world martial arts tournament from the Buu saga, where there will have to be some quick elimination rounds before the final group of sixteen or so.

Episode Score
8.4/10 (Very Good)

Summary: Goku’s boredom finally has an answer. The date has been set for the all-universe Tournament of Power, it’s time for the fighters to assemble. Oh and Bulma is having a baby!


Extra thoughts:
– Those planets definitely looked like earth!
– The new episode title music is far less goofy.
– Seriously Whis, who else calls you?
– Of course Goku thinks she’s just fat.
– Off training and being dead are not the same!
– There is a convenient other side to that button we’ve never seen.
– Mark your calendars for day 3,135,500,603. 157th hour?
– The ED gets an update as well! New animations and fully colorized.

Next time: “The Gods of Every Universe In Shock?! Losers Erased in the Tournament of Power”



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