Youjo Senki 04

Calm moments only last so long during war time. Why leave your best soldier in the back when they could lead others in to battle?

“Campus Life”

It’s never a good sign when the main character starts the episode with “everything is going my way.” That’s just asking for trouble. Tanya seems to realize that being too good at something is grounds for more work, and being too bad of a soldier will get her sent to stew on the front lines. Despite this, (s)he overachieves pretty much this entire episode until being given his own battalion to command. It just goes to show that if you have a great idea, you better be prepared to do the work on it. No appearances from Being X this time, unfortunately. Not sure how shooting it would work, but it’s a start? In short, this series has used up its ‘things are going well’ moment and now needs to turn to the action and despair we all expect.

Episode Score
7.8/10 (Good)



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