Masamune-kun no Revenge 05

Is the enemy of your enemy really your friend? It would be easier to figure that out in this situation if Masamune could figure out the difference between enemy and love interest.

“Mysterious Cat”

It has come time for the deliberately frustrating foil to make her move. Now I have not read the source material, so this is based solely on what is presented in the series. Fujinomiya Neko seems to have a lot of tells that give away her less than authentic personality. The first thing is her rather creepy line that this will be an interesting game. It’s an interesting contrast to the revenge plot which has a clear goal so far, compared to a love game of sorts that seems more flippantly evil.

Fake blood, false history, deliberate no-pan, alternative facts… wait maybe not that last one, but you get the point. There’s something seriously shady going on here. If anything it’s as if Neko doesn’t really want anything to do with Masamune. With some of the events of this episode you could even consider her a new ally for his revenge plot if he were to play it correctly. But his actual emotions are taking the wheel. Is Neko possibly out for her own revenge on Aki? A fellow rich girl rival of sorts? It’s the only scenario that really makes any sense as of right now.

The episode is capped off with a rather interesting scene. Masamune benefits again from probably the most conveniently cliché punishment that is totally worth it. Not unlike his remedial classes that afforded him more time with Aki, here we have them cleaning the pool together after class. It’s a similar concept, accept this time with bathing suits and water hazards. The situation is practically begging for flirtation and romantic tension. Despite the cliché, this scene works quite well. The comedy is played up between the two of them playfully tormenting each other, but the tense honesty comes about full force in a believable manner. In the heat of the moment it is pretty clear that Masamune isn’t playing an angle on Aki and even he notices this. Well, his big chance has arrived. He better damn well kiss her.

Episode Score
8.9/10 (Very Good)

Summary: Masamune’s vision is clouded even further with the appearance of a new foil, which really should be a good deal for him. What a strange love triangle.


Extra thoughts:
– “How improper of me” is not even an apology.
– Nekomimi Darth Vader!?
– Actually a pretty smart move.
– Of course she’s a new transfer student, in his class.
– Who names their kid Neko (lit. cat)?
– Use your hot guy powers, Masamune!
Fake blood? Who is this b-…
– Convenient camera angles.
– There is only one answer to this.



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