KonoSuba 2 – 04

Savage satire joins Darkness in her arranged marriage dilemma. Can Kazuma manage to get rid of the most useless crusader he’s ever seen, or get more stuck with her than ever?

“A Betrothed for this Noble Daughter”

So here we finally have Darkness’ predicament with her arranged marriage. It’s pretty much what you would expect of her and the masochistic tendencies that come along with her every action. Kazuma is pretty tricky though, and getting rid of a useless party member doesn’t sound like such a bad idea to him. Not sure why he would want to ditch her though, considering she is rich and really the only reason they still have any favor as a group. Pawning off Megumin at the beginning of the episode is a great way to keep the only other somewhat level-headed individual out of any possible ploy, and it clearly sets something up for next week. What the heck could she have done out there, beyond an explosion?

The Lalatina story is alright, but is mostly a setup for all of the things we already realize about her character. It’s beyond that though where this episode shines. The purely savage character assassination of Kazuma continues in glorious fashion with pretty much every option to undermine him being taken advantage of – particularly the instances of poor word choice and over the top perv-shaming. He deserves some of it to be fair, but the way it goes above and beyond is just too much fun. The show also continues a rather entertaining trend of setting up a harem of sorts for Kazuma that he is totally not on-board with. He doesn’t particularly care for the useless Aqua (except for her random and out of character bouts of competency) and Megumin is more of a little sister to him. In the case of Darkness, he just can’t stand how messed up she is, but now he is the expectant father of her child! Well not really, but who’s keeping track anyway?

Above and beyond in this episode is the almost total parody and expert dissection of several over-arching plot points from Re:Zero. Kazuma becomes the disguised butler of an aristocrat in a situation she does not particularly enjoy, he wears a tracksuit, he is set to fight a knight more qualified than him, and somehow the girl in distress comes to love him in the end. This is all of course turned completely upside-down from the sometimes all-too-serious Re:Zero, and if you weren’t well acquainted with the details of that series you might write this episode off as trope-laden fantasy comedy. It’s just so much more expertly crafted than that, and without that in mind this really does fall on its face. But as soon as you get it, you really get it. Some of the major things I just mentioned are very obvious, but there are fine details to the dissection her that are miraculous to behold if you know where to look. Re:Zero isn’t alone in its ability to be an easy recent target, with things like Sword Art OnlineIs It Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?,  and several others making notable contributions to this series’ parody fodder. It’s a lot of fun.

Episode Score
9.1/10 (Parody Extraordinaire)

Summary: Darkness (Lalatina) is forced in to a situation that she highly disproves of, which is kind of the thing that she enjoys most. Obvious shenanigans ensue, and Kazuma becomes an expectant father-to-be.


Extra thoughts:
– Aqua is clearly the source of many problems.
– There is no way those could stay put in that.
– Assume the worst and move on. The adventurer’s way.
– Rem’s new long hair works pretty well.
– I feel like Darkness just described every fan of this series…
– What a convenient camera angle.
– It’s their fault. Execute them.
– Kazuma is building his harem out of his own spite for it.
– What could Megumin have possibly accomplished on her own?

Next time: “Servitude for this Masked Knight”

Beloved Father. I no longer wish to strike a member of my family whom I care for. Are you aware that “tough love” is often harder on the one giving it than on the recipient? Especially on their hearts. So for now, please, allow me to live life as a knight for the time being. From your disobedient daughter, Lalatina.



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