Gabriel DropOut 04

Is the fourth episode too soon for a beach episode? What, are you new to anime or something? That’s almost too late by most standards.

“Summer Vacation, Ho!”

Satania is such a sad soul. But there has to be someone on the receiving end of the comedic antics, and she fits the bill perfectly. I genuinely feel bad for her at times, as she is the most pure-hearted and innocent of the group by far. I have also decided to look past the ‘everybody is the opposite of what they should be’ angle, because it got so old so fast. Now it’s just kind of entertaining with each person based on their personality trope rather than whether they’re a demon or angel. The beach scenes aren’t overly gratuitous here, but rather just a look at how this group, new to the human world, can handle such an outing. Turns out Gabriel is all over it, ready to play games on her laptop in the shade like any sane person at the beach… right? It’s also a wonderfully cute moment when she admits to enjoying some aspects of the experience and then everyone falls asleep on the train ride home (in which I am guilty of doing).

Interesting that all the development happens after the credits in this episode. We are regaled with the story of how Vignette met Gabriel in her sickeningly sweet form and that the fall from such grace taught Vigne a valuable life lesson. Some things can’t be changed no matter how hard you try. It would be interesting if this series tried to address that in any way going forward, with perhaps some kind of redemption of Gabriel. On the other hand, naw. She’s cool as is.

Episode Score
8.1/10 (Beach Death)



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