Nyanko Days 04

If there is a lesson to this show, it’s that cats are cute and making rich friends is easy.

“Yuuko and Azumi”

I was hoping this would be a look in to why leaving three evil little beings at home together all day long while you go to school is a bad idea, but alas it was not. Another day, perhaps. Instead we get Yuuko struggling with her friendship problems and self-worth until she realizes it was all of her own making. I guess the lesson is to not doubt yourself so much? The thought of “I just want to go home and cuddle my cats” is a popular one. Gets a lot of people through their day I imagine. That’s good and all, but there also weren’t nearly enough cats in this episode.

Azumi is so out of touch with reality she pretty much ruins her butler’s confidence by taking away one of his primary duties. Oh wouldn’t it be nice to be rich? I could have so many cats.



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