Kuzu no Honkai 03

A surprising amount of realization and honest emotion here for only the third entry, but we’re also getting our first look at a real antagonist as well. The waters get a little muddier.

“Show Me Love (Not A Dream)”

At the rate this is going, some really crazy things are going to happen. But like I’ve said before, there’s something strangely honest and mature about it all. Really, really honest. Adult situations aside, there is really something interesting building in this love tesseract (it’s gotten to the hyper-dimensional level). Yes, that means there is another person involved in this crazy situation, and we’re only three episodes in. Despite the almost unreasonable complexity, it all still seems to work quite well.

The look back to how Hana and Ecchan’s moment in the cliffhanger last episode came to be is quite the build up to heart-break. Nothing in this show is just mere flirting or passing interest. Everything seems to be high-stakes at all times, which is a little awkward but to someone in high school it is all too real. What really sells this series and its characters are the reasons for the connections and the weight that they carry. Ecchan seems to truly love Hana because she is her savior. Hana now seems to love Mugi because of the natural connection they share and a sense of ease around him. The main pair’s interest in their teachers seem superficial at best.

We get an interesting look back in to Mugi’s past love life – his first to be more specific. This is the kind of storytelling that pushes this series in a different direction from many that have come before it. It’s not a tragic story, or something completely overwrought, but rather a simple tale that shapes him greatly as a character. There was a little bit of a look in to Hana’s past with her teacher, and it clearly distinguishes its innocence from Mugi’s more direct path through adolescence. And speaking of directness, this series does not shy away from some of the more mature topics of love during a coming of age story – morning wood and all. There are so many things being shown here that people have struggled through in their life, it almost makes you forget the absurdity of the love tesseract.

The final scenes of this episode really cement this series as something I have great interest in. Sure, sex is cool and love triangles are fun and all, but with Mugi’s misguided love interest Akane clearly stepping up as the antagonist there could be some real fireworks to come. It’s probably for the best that I never saw the photo for her MAL entry until just now. The episode was heading towards a rivalry situation between Hana and Akane, which would have been so horribly cliche, but this is so much more. It’s now the guy that needs saving, with the power really shifting to the two female leads.

Episode Score
9.0/10 (Great)

Summary: Hana struggles with her best friend’s love for her, finally understanding the weight of being loved. She also pretty much gives up on her teacher in favor of Mugi, and learns the meaning of hatred.

Probably not the best answer to “what’s your crush like?”

Extra thoughts:
– They made their stuffed animals kiss.
– There is a lot of tongue action in this series.
– Definitely not a younger brother.
– Love will make you blind.
– Oh good the guy is in love with a succubus.


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