Masamune-kun no Revenge 04

Emotions overwhelm and things look to be going well despite Masamune’s distinctly poor choice of resource material.

“Clear and Present Danger”

Masamune might be calculating, determined, and not afraid to make a move, but he definitely lacks a certain amount of common sense. That is likely thanks to his number one source of inspiration, shoujo (girls) manga. It would be like watching Love Actually to find out how love works, until you realize that stalking really isn’t the way to go. It all fits so well in to his character of artificial identity and best of all he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it. On the other hand, the main focus of this episode is Aki’s internal struggle. Her character is quite well written, featuring a good level of self-awareness and the conflicts she tries to avoid in spite of it. She knows that she is cruel and distant, but it saves her from facing emotions that she would rather not experience. The pieces are set up, so it’s time to play.

Masamune’s struggle to ignore Aki is rather telling of his actual emotions. I mean come on, he’s building his whole life around this girl. Of course he’s going to fall for her. But this cold shoulder couldn’t have come at a more perfectly calculated time, thanks to Yoshino, as Aki tries to return the umbrella she borrowed. The end result is pretty heart-pounding, and frankly we’ve gotten to the point of obvious mutual interest pretty quick. That’s alright, considering there seem to be some hurdles coming their way. Nothing is ever this easy.

Considering that Aki is a pretty classic tsundere, we get to see both of her sides with a lot of frequency this episode. Fortunately it is played up a lot more naturally than what we’re used to getting in the average romantic comedy. Moments where she is angry and cold are logical times for her to be that way, instead of just manufactured disdain or a naturally fiery attitude to be broken. Clearly we will be seeing a lot of jealousy coming up, with the arrival of some God-fearing brunette that has already almost killed the main heroine. I can’t imagine someone driving by in a car recognizing a wholly changed individual like Masamune, so I’ll just assume she’s the really forward type. Let the battle commence. (Masamune is not the prize, he’s the weaponry)

Episode Score
9.2/10 (Great)

Summary: Makabe might have it in the bag, but he just can’t let anything happen naturally. An oddly religious rival appears to thwart Aki’s big moment.


Extra thoughts:
– Reading shoujo manga is studying, right?
– Seriously creepy, to be more precise.
– The background music is amazing.
– I need to wear more ties.
– Super moe-mode activate!
– Yoshino, you said exactly what we were all thinking.
– There’s something satisfying about watching people be oblivious.
– Yeah. Who the hell is this?


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