Konosuba 2 – 03

Kazuma and Aqua in Is it Wrong to Try and Ditch a Girl in A Dungeon? But Aqua actually makes herself surprisingly useful, and there are plenty of great moments again for every character.

“Peace for the Master of This Labyrinth”

This is quite the endearing episode for Aqua. Several times throughout we hear Kazuma exclaim that something is a little off about her, but even he seems to realize he may have just been underestimating her all this time. Not only does this make her character a little more well-rounded, but it gives greater impact to when she is completely useless. It can be difficult reviewing comedy, because there is little worse than explaining a joke. But this series continues to develop on multiple levels and there are so many details worth looking for beyond the joke of the moment. It’s a delightful experience.

I’ve played more than a few RPGs in my life up to this point, so I am well aware that anything behind a secret door in a low level dungeon will be insanely challenging. All those who have played Final Fantasy XV recently will understand. But the pair of misfits somehow make it through to an almost too good to be true situation. Sometimes things just go your way, and you should take those moments to heart when they present themselves. Kazuma finally puts it all together when he realizes undead spirits are attracted to Aqua’s goddess spirit. We don’t get a clear answer if she was completely aware of it either, which just makes this all the more entertaining.

The ending of this quest is so wonderful in its realism. Might as well party while you can, right? Not exactly sound financial advice, but when you’re stuck in a crazy world why not have a little fun. It’s also nice to see the crowd in the tavern cheering on Kazuma, albeit because he buys them drinks and steals panties, but it shows that he has a place in this world and that it’s worth going through all of the shenanigans of being part of it. Plus after an episode that took place mostly in the dark it’s great to see all this color and excitement again. And if the people in the tavern are impressed with Aqua’s little water fountain (or the fact she’s standing up on a table) I’m sure they would be blow away by her expulsion of rainbows and sparkles after drinking too much.

Clearly we are supposed to be concerned about Darkness and her clearly non-dire situation being played up in its severity. The little glimpses of it are fun, but next time it looks like it will be addressed for real.

Episode Score
9.0/10 (Great)

Summary: Kazuma and Aqua share some tense moments in dark spaces, but everything surprisingly turns out alright in the end!


Extra thoughts:
– Aqua the Debt Goddess.
– Megumin practicing by herself is so cute.
– They are all masters of teasing each other.
– Thank you for not watching, Aqua…
– Oh my god Chomusuke. Definitely keep encouraging Megumin.
– Doesn’t she have the most beautiful clavicle?
– Bath time after a tough quest.
Perfect timing Chris.
No beer for Megumin.

Next time: “A Betrothed for this Noble Daughter”

Roar, storms! Echo, thunder! Shake this world, and all be blown away! With one blast, no enemies remain. Flowers bloom, butterflies dance, Grandpas’ rheumatoid arthritis is cured (ha!), the dead rise, and you shed tears of joy. Now, to share with your family, enjoy the wonder of explosion magic! Remember to follow the rules. Try and avoid using it in the vicinity of people and their homes. Remember to use it in a safe environment. Always have parental supervision. Limit use to one per day. All in the name of effective explosion magic us.



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