Dragon Ball Super 75

As we get closer to the Universe Survival Arc, Goku needs to keep up his training in order to stay competitive. But what does he do when nobody useful wants to spar with him?

“Goku and Krillin Back to the Old Training Grounds”

The fight scene animation in this feels like a bump in quality. The camera flies excitedly around Goku and Gohan as they spar in the recently plowed field (sorry Chi-chi), and it is quite a treat to see these two really go at it. In fact it’s hard to remember another time when they have fought since training to defeat Cell. It’s also just like this series to pull out the nostalgia bait, and then whip us back to the corny reality of comedic Super.

The call-backs to the early days of Dragon Ball continue with Goku seeking out Krillin as a sparring partner. Krillin seems to be a pretty happy, normal person with a decent job that he is good at – that is until Goku comes calling. With the ultimate super god of power around for comparison, Krillin gets quite shamed by his wife and daughter! That’s a little harsh. It’s also noted several times that Goku could easily kill Krillin, even by accident. But when it comes to how you look in the super judgmental eyes of your wife and kid, there really only two options: power-up or die. At least 18 is supportive of this deadly training. As for who will train them, there could be none other than Master Roshi. Although just as perverted as ever, he seems to have some pretty good guidance for his two old students.

It is commendable how believable some of this is, even with the constant knowledge that Goku is way too powerful for any normal training. In such circumstances a good story can be used to pull us away from the problems of power discrepancies, and here we get the kind of normal-powered Krillin and his quest to become stronger that is sufficiently separate from Goku’s arc. The show tries to put Goku in a handicap, but fortunately even the writers know that he is beyond anything that Roshi could think up to hinder him. Finally the pair journeys to this odd island with Fortune Teller Baba. Not really sure why she is there except for another bit of nostalgia. Something about watching them in the crystal ball. There is also a cave of sorts on this island that essentially turns in to the cave on Dagobah from Empire Strikes Back. It’s also a bit gimmicky, but it could be fun to watch Goku and Krillin take on some of their big past rivals. Hopefully Krillin doesn’t get killed again.

Episode Score
7.3/10 (Good)

Summary: Goku gets bored while his usual training partners are busy, so he spars with some of the least useful characters possible.


Extra thoughts:
– Gohan, for when there’s nobody else around.
-The Great Saiyaman music is amazing.
– Are we going to see Goku kill Krillin this time?
– Dang 18, you’re savage.
– Roshi is very easily persuaded.
– I guess he doesn’t get the internet out on his island.
– Fortune Smeller Baba.
– Krillin has been killed by so many of these guys.

Next time: “Defeat These Terrifying Enemies! Krillin’s Fighting Spirit Returns!!”

Also this week is a teaser for the new Universal Survival Arc! It’s the long-awaited tournament between all of the universes, curated by the disconcertingly cute Zen-oh-sama (King of Everything). There are a lot of crazy things in this short trailer, but we can make out several new gods of destruction, their Whis-like attendants, and the supreme kais of those universes. On top of all that, there is the return of several characters from the Universe 6 fights and a super ripped female super saiyan. Exciting stuff! Check out the video here.


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