Winter 2017 Extras Jan 22-28

For this week be sure to read the full reviews as they’re released! Here you can find thoughts on some extras like Gabriel DropOut, Youjo Senki, and Nyanko Days. (Updated Jan 29.)

Nyanko Days 03

This week the cat-girls go out for a walk, despite that not really being a thing that cats do. I’m not sure what I would do if I were to see three anthropomorphic cats walking about. Well, firstly take pictures, second call a zoologist. It would be a discovery to benefit all of mankind. Anyway, it looks like there is another cat on the scene with Shiratori-san. More kitties! It is kind of odd watching a show attempt character development with about a minute and a half of screen time each week. I didn’t even remember the main character had social anxiety. I don’t even remember her name, and it was said in this episode.

Gabriel DropOut 03

Micro-transactions don’t pay for themselves. I can still relate all too well with Gabriel and her severe apathy for work. If anyone actually reads these, they’re lucky that I even move the three feet from my bed to my desk. Anyway, the life of this coffee guy is oddly compelling, and it was quite satisfying when Vigne completely made his day. The final section of this episode was definitely the top in terms of comedy. Clearly pants are for losers. There were some great one-liners, like “the holy light will keep it family friendly.” This was all-around a better episode than what we’ve seen so far, probably because it focused less on the obvious angel-demon switcheroo.
Episode Score: 7.8/10 (Good) 

Youjo Senki 02-03

Oh look, another ‘trapped in another world’ anime. They seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but at least it is forcing a bit of creativity on to the genre. This one is certainly creative. Although the other world is kind of a lazy adaptation of WWI Germany/Austria but with magic, the main character is interesting enough to carry us through. And yep, it’s a dude, because it always is. The good part about the way this is presented though is that he grew up as this girl in the new world, instead of just being thrown in to another body. The idea of him wanting to take revenge against God (or Being X) for kind of screwing him is a wonderful twist.

Turns out ‘god’ is a rather petty being. It follows pretty good reason that Tanya would have some disdain for it, because instead of managing billions of people and potentially doing good, it’s just messing with this one non-believer. Not exactly helping its case. As for Tanya, (s)he rather hilariously quotes Murphy’s law and then fails to abide by it herself. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. I’m glad the god-like being is making appearances after the initial set-up though, as it really keeps the possibilities open for Tanya to actually get the upper hand eventually. That would be quite a show.
Episode Score: 8.0/10 (Petty God, or Pretty Good)


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