Masamune-kun no Revenge 03

Do you detect a hint of emotion coming through in this great con? Stick to the plan, man!

“Yoshino’s Magic Show”

The balance of rom and com in this series is on great display so far. And what better way to set it up than the classic wager on test scores? In spite of the trope, which this series seems to be quite self-aware of, the whole affair plays out rather interestingly. With a little bit of fan-service for both camps and some clear progression to the overall plot, there really isn’t anywhere this episode could go wrong. And trust me, I was waiting for it to go wrong somewhere, but it continually surprised me.

Character development is, so far, a strong suit of this series. Both Masamune Makabe and Adagaki Aki have been well developed in a short time to highlight their similarities. Beyond their specific character traits they both have quite a bit of depth considering the usual expectations for a comedy. Aki might be the usual clueless tsundere, but something like an eating disorder caused by a traumatic event is definitely not a standard happening in a series like this. On the Masamune front, he seems obsessed with his self-image after being torn down at a young age and has practically transformed his room in to a gym. Neither of these possibly destructive problems seems to be causing any harm though, and if anything the two seem to be doing pretty well considering the circumstances. A great comedy can pull the veil of laughter over any serious issue, and how well you can judge the commentary on serious issues is one of many ways to judge the quality of that comedy. This is doing quite well.

It’s hard to mention everything that happens in an episode through these short reviews (read the extra thoughts), but I would be remiss not to discuss the impact of side characters here. They each have a magnificent part to play in the overall story while retaining their good level of character development. We start with class rep Futaba, who is appropriately awkward after last episode’s encounter but not down and out! She plays it off quite well by highlighting her love for ‘otokonoko’ situations. Kojuurou might play the role of effeminate and non-threatening male friend, but it is so blatantly self-aware that it really works. Koiwai (so kawaii) is the deadpan comedy of this series, but even she shows some emotions relating to the situation at hand by the end of this episode. She clearly has trouble dealing with Aki’s antics, but now it’s kind of fun! Her meddling with Aki’s innocence and how the date turned out are just so fantastic. Also in this episode, the harem route has begun to slowly drift away, as it should. Unless of course Kojuurou is also part of that harem…

Emotions are touched on to great effect in this episode. It seemed pretty clear from the beginning (with no knowledge from the manga) that it wouldn’t be a case of if these two main characters fall for each other, but when and how. Well, put two attractive and evil people together with possible hearts of gold and it will just happen. The moment when Aki sees Masamune teaching Kojuurou from outside in the rain hits hard as her first moment of actual awareness. To follow that in kind, Masamune definitely feels the love when he wakes up on the park bench with his head on her lap. He even admits it to Koiwai! They are both kind individuals when it comes down to it. It is impressive the quick pace this show seems to be taking towards their eventual love, but it makes perfect sense to build as much as possible before introducing what looks to be several foils. If the mix of comedy and sincere emotion can keep hitting this well, perhaps this romcom won’t go forgotten?

Episode Score
9.1/10 (Great)

Summary: A simple wager turns in to a wondrous date. A classic affair with great comical twists, and some obviously expected emotions.


Extra thoughts:
– Didn’t take long for this fantasy to show up.
– One date or a nickname until you GRADUATE!? Dude.
– I almost died when he yelled “Son of a bitch!”
Equal opportunity fan service.
– This look on Aki’s face is too honest.
– Makebe has megane.
– How does Kojuurou always have sweets?
– And dear lord his backpack.
– “3D girls are so lame.”
– It’s nice being rich.
– Now this is a proper date movie.
– Kids get right to the point.
– Oh no, emotions!

Are you looking for this full-size image of Aki changing, you perv? Not like I want more traffic to my blog or anything…

Happy with the results of her efforts.

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