KonoSuba 2 – 02

Even the most explosion-prone people could us a friend now and again. Just don’t get in her way because she’ll probably throw you under the bus, er- cart?

“A Friend For This Crimson Demon Girl!”

We find our team on desperate times off the top of this episode. And you thought your student debt was tough (it is). At least there are always quests to complete and items to sell! Of exceptional note here though is the introduction of Megumin’s cat, Chomuske (Noam?). It doesn’t seem to have any real purpose in this entry but it definitely serves to increase Megun’s cuteness quota, if that is even possible. And of course it has to hate Aqua by default, but it loves water.

The good old giant toads return early this year, thanks to some disruptions in their hibernation patterns. It really wouldn’t be a new season of KonoSuba without some slimy shenanigans, and this hits pretty much every joke you could imagine on the subject. Kazuma’s new ability, in which he seems to have a hard time sticking to any one thing, is a rather impressive looking ‘snipe’ that really doesn’t do anything at all – figures. The party’s ability to be pretty much useless yet still complete most of their tasks continues to impress. A bit of demon-ex machina helps them out this time. This is probably one of the more impressive looking parts of the episode, with the action scenes being of such hilariously better quality than every other moment – of which I am sure is comically intentional.

After a scene in the bath, which is wonderfully comical for several reasons – not least of all the fact that it subverts so many trope set-ups and is a parody of bath scenes in general – we finally get to the focus of this episode. Yunyun is the oddly-named school rival of Megumin, and by that it means the girl who’s lunch Megumin stole every day. How mean! Well they were trying to sell her magic ball for cash, so the relationship clearly hasn’t changed much. As they try to prove their friendship in some kind of odd duel, a crystal reveals several of their most embarrassing moments instead. That is pretty much what friendship is, right? It also shows a bit of Komekko, Megumin’s adorable younger sister – whom apparently has a bit to do with Chomuske. Definitely looking forward to that one!

So with this being a pretty heavy Megumin episode, we do get a pretty hilarious through-line on her character. She’s painted as a bit more mature than we’ve seen her up until this point and it really plays well in to the final defeat of her rival, the fact that she is in such a relationship that she bathes together with Kazuma. It’s kind of the most perfect snapshot of her character; seemingly uncompromising, trying to be independent, and willing to turn an embarrassing situation around to suit her needs as necessary – despite being rather incompetent. She is the love-able asshole of this party.

Episode Score
8.8/10 (Very Good)

Summary: Megumin, arguably the most complex character of this series, gets to stick it to her old rival despite being totally incompetent. The bully wins again, essentially!


Extra thoughts:
– They are always like this.
– The one time Kazuma doesn’t want to touch his allies?
– Kazuma is for true gender equality.
– He needs new underwear it seems.
– That is one impressive towel.
– This cat likes baths.
– Score one for Megumin x Kazuma.
– She’s actually keeping track of the wins!

Next Time: “Peace for the Master of This Labyrinth”

Here is the progress report I said I would send. Mr. Kazuma seemed like a problem at first, but he’s become a seasoned and formidable adventurer. Absolutely not the kind of person to sexually harass anyone or get into debt. My assessment of his character proves to be on point. Yes, I am a really capable goddess. I’ve even gained the respect of the construction bosses, so my daily wages have gone up. I think I can keep working it and my side jobs with the fake flowers and the milk cartons, at this rate. …No, I don’t just work part-time jobs!

This ending is just so wonderful. Here are some nice high-quality screenshots! Plus a few of the mid-cards from the episode.


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