Dragon Ball Super 74

Super Great Saiyaman makes his big screen debut, no CGI required. Gohan might not be fully redeemed as character, but this short arc sure has a wonderful impact.

“For The Ones He Loves! The Unbeatable Great Saiyaman!!”

This might be the most blatantly heartwarming Dragon Ball episode to date. And although it might be a trope-fest, it is a really well directed and thought out trope-fest. The supporting characters in particular get a lot of development and contribute greatly to the overall impact of the plot – something that might be necessary considering how mediocre Gohan is. But despite his mediocrity, he is the most humanized character in the series. With his family being his new defining characteristic, he has considerably more obvious motivation to fight and possible consequences as a result – two things Super has been lacking.

The Barry Khan and idol girl (whatever her name was) angle to this story really drive home the parody of a movie plot happening within a movie being filmed on a TV show. Gohan inspiring his young idol lady-friend to do the right thing works perfectly here despite the obvious cliche. Perhaps it’s Gohan’s earnest nature that we are so used to by this point that carries it. Putting Gohan and his awkward side-piece aside, Videl stands out as a great character in this story. She has been totally relegated to ‘the mom’ of the series, but we managed to get a few glimpses at her original demeanor in some rather fun moments. It almost makes the case for another world martial arts tournament, instead of a universal one, so that we can properly see some of the original characters back in action – Videl included.

I was kind of hoping for a bit more development to Gohan’s character in the final moments of this short story. It builds up so well to him having to actually fight again that we could have gotten some series changing events out of it. If there were a time to redeem Gohan as a fighter and interesting player, this was it. Instead he gets thrown around for a bit in a kind of sad fashion before coming to his senses and realizing he is a super saiyan. Even better would have been a reveal of the Golden Warrior to really change up the plot of the movie. A few opportunities were definitely missed here.

Episode Score
7.8/10 (Good)

Summary: Gohan and Videl bring all the heart to Super, while the Super Great Saiyaman puts on a show worthy of the silver screen.


Extra thoughts:
– Jaco is kind of bad at his job.
– Gohan, Goku’s kind of mediocre son.
– Hopefully that parasite doesn’t find Vegeta…
– What friends are for.
– Videl for wife of the universe.
– Don’t try to blackmail a super being.
– FINALLY Videl flies again.
– What to do with this naked guy?

Next Time: “Goku and Krillin Back to the Old Training Grounds”



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