Winter 2017 Weekly Reactions Jan 8-14

It’s time to jump back in to the anime world full force! With only one premiere covered last week, this is the official start of the Winter 2017 season. Dragon Ball Super returns, there is finally more Konosuba, and the season of awkward romance is here! (Updates: Nyanko Days, Gabriel DropOut, Konosuba 2, Masamune’s Revenge and Kuzu no Honkai)

If you haven’t seen our Winter Preview, it can give you the rundown on the series likely to be covered this season.

As per usual, see the full reviews for more thoughts and plenty of screenshots. This new season comes with an upgrade to screenshot resolution as well. Everything will now be 1920×1080! Now, anime time!

Dragon Ball Super

This Week’s Episode: 73
“Gohan’s Misfortune! An Unexpected Great Saiyaman Movie!?”
Summary: Gohan finally gets his turn back in the spotlight, even if it literally is in a spotlight for a movie, and not really important in any other way. But there is a chance…

This is some nice, light-hearted fair with plenty of nostalgia taking us back to the earliest days of the Gohan and Videl relationship. They’ve come a long way, but Saiyaman still has a special place in their lives. There are a few little hints that Gohan might get loose from the shackles of academia to once again pursue a life of punching things and energy blasts, but it is yet to be decided. This might not fully redeem Gohan as an interesting character, but it sure makes us wish it will happen.
Episode Score: 8.2/10 (Nostalgic)

Never lost it.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2

This Week’s Episode: 01 – First Impressions
“Give Me Deliverance From This Judicial Injustice”
Summary: Our return to this wonderful world is interrupted by a trial for Kazuma. You didn’t think he could get away with all of his thoughtless heroic actions, right?

This is very much a transitional episode, but in that regard it perfectly captures the reset that most video games get in their sequel. You can’t start fully decked-out with the best stuff and a nice house! All of the major players are back in true form here, and the comedy is just as fun and quick as ever. Parody of the ‘trapped in another world’ trope is definitely still necessary after the mostly grim Re:Zero, and this nails it on the head.
Episode Score: 8.9/10 (Very Good)

You can tell Aqua suggested this initially.

Masamune-kun no Revenge

This Week’s Episode: 02
“Cinderella Does Not Laugh”
Summary: Masamune needs all the help he can get, even if it is from the least likely of sources. But after making some quick moves, has he blown it too soon?

Check out the first impressions for this series! Comedy is not in short supply this season, and this feels like a nice contrast from the big-hitter Konosuba. It’s already off to a great start with fun characters and whacky rom-com situations a-plenty. This week’s episode builds up a pretty obvious harem angle with a little bit of ecchi, but then manages to perfectly subvert it with some interesting redirection away from the side characters. If it can manage to make each of the side characters this unique and important to the plot, a ‘girl of the week’ style may not be so unbearable.
Episode Score: 8.6/10 (Very Good)

Short Solutions #1: Crawl through their legs.

Kuzu no Honkai

This Week’s Episode: 01 – First Impressions
“Make A Wish”
Summary: And so begins the story of two people that don’t realize they love each other, but totally do. Unrequited love be damned.

Well this episode got straight to the soft-core point. Kidding aside, this seems to be a quite mature and honest approach to a somewhat ridiculous concept. Once again I can’t stress enough how bad it is for high school kids to be in love with their teachers, but there’s a double dose of it here! But the NTR is strong with this one. I’m expecting a pretty emotional journey towards the two trying to reconcile breaking their promise not to love each other no matter what. Word is that the manga has gone nowhere, so lets hope a one-cour series can work it all out by the end! (Haha)
Episode Score: 8.0/10 (Good)

It was too hot in here anyway…


The occasional extras will continue this season, with some to be expected in this first week for initial reactions to series that didn’t get full reviews.

If you would like to contribute short, weekly reviews/thoughts of series not covered by Cloudy (300+/- words), feel free to contact us and they might just end up here!

Nyanko Days

I’m not sure what I just experienced, but it was clearly the product of over-exposure to moe and a love for cats that I am pretty sure wasn’t just a hallucination on my part. Why are her cats chibi nekomimi girls!? Why does she need friends when her cats are literally sentient beings!? Why is the pink-haired girl so popula- oh, actually that is pretty normal. It only has 2 minutes to get its point across, and that was clearly “don’t care, chibi nekomimi.” But I can’t deny that it is cute…
Episode Score: It is what it is.

What in the cat-loving hell.

Gabriel DropOut

Another entry in the moe-comedy genre for this season, featuring an otaku-culture obsessed fallen angel. That isn’t a bad set up in and of itself, but it definitely doesn’t feel particularly new or exciting. I’m sure a lot of us relate all too well to Gabriel’s instant addiction to online games and human entertainment. Our first-world problems are better than heaven any day. The animation is cute and colorful, but might include a few too many pantie shots for the sake of pantsu. The only reason the red-haired one was internally monologue-ing on the toilet was to show us her underwear, and the joke it set up wasn’t even that great. Slightly more problematic is the fact that every character has exactly the same trait, namely being the opposite of what they’re supposed to be. The irony in the main character is fun and the best friend to balance the scales makes sense, but then both the other demon and angel are also opposites of their respective roles. The joke was good the first time, alright the second, and much less so the third and the fourth. The biggest positive of this series is the title character’s relate-ability, mainly in her complete apathy of any responsibility and a clear disdain for wearing pants.
Episode Score: 7.1/10 (Alright)

Don’t you dare cut me off.

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