Dragon Ball Super 73

The Great Saiyaman is back in action, poses and catchphrases all included! But it wouldn’t be right to just pretend to be a hero. There’s a world to save whether Saiyaman knows it or not.

“Gohan’s Misfortune! An Unexpected Great Saiyaman Movie!?”

The world has been a lesser place without the Great Saiyaman keeping us safe. This episode is packed with references and bits of nostalgia just as one would expect from Super these days. It’s easy money, or at least easy time spent putting of the main story arc in an entertaining way. Gohan has been a criminally underused character in this series and this is an interesting way to get him back in to the mix of things. Could a big battle with a galactic level enemy, handled all on his own, be the motivation he needs to dump that lame research assistant job? Yeah that’s right, academics are lame – we want Gohan to punch stuff again!

Unlike when Gohan was beholden to his mother Chi-chi’s commands, he answers to a higher power now: his wife. And she seems to be all for whatever makes him happy. It’s really a great situation that could get even better with more character development, and it stems from the origins of their relationship. They were both fighters. She knows he wants to be Saiyaman, or to go and help save the universe. If anything, I wish there were a way to get her back in to the action, despite her original purpose as being the most noob-level Z-fighter.

Krillin (or Kuririn) really does make the best cameos in this series. But I’ve got to give a shout out to those dumb criminals attempting to rob a bank on their first day out of jail. You just know anime-karma is going to catch up with you if you get that greedy! References to the past here are super nostalgic even though it’s a pretty minor event in Dragon Ball history, but there are a lot of fond memories for the Gohan x Videl moments prior to the Majin arc.

The final moments are great sequence of bait and switches. It looks like Gohan has been found out from his actions at the bank, but Bulma is there to bail him out. But not so fast! The young idol starring in the movie overhears their discussion and approaches him in private. It felt pretty certain that she was after more than just a little alone time to read lines. Gohan’s marriage briefly flashes before his eyes until it turns in to the most pure-hearted magic carpet (Gohan) ride, and it’s just so cute. Wait, Gohan was actually going to her house to ‘read lines’ before she came out with the truth!? He is so easily blackmailed. The cutest thing of this episode is probably that Gohan really is doing this to become popular with a special lady. The adorable little Pan-chan. Well, at least it looks like there will be some good action scenes for the Saiyaman movie, if the cameras are rolling! Gohan will be a superstar before he knows it.

Episode Score
8.2/10 (Nostalgic)

Summary: Gohan finally gets his turn back in the spotlight, even if it literally is in a spotlight for a movie, and not really important in any other way. But there is a chance…


Extra thoughts:
– Jaco needs more screen time.
– Dude your daughter is right there!
– Gohan might lose is boring TA job!? Woohoo!
– Dude, her husband is right there!
– Videl needs to kick butt again.
– “A Man Among Men: Mr. Satan
– Gohan is dad of the universe.
– I hope that thing didn’t just crawl up his butt.

There’s a new ending! It’s got a nice manga-scroll style to it. All great wallpaper material.

Next time: “For The Ones He Loves! The Unbeatable Great Saiyaman!!”


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