Dragon Ball Super 72

Somehow this filler arc gets better direction, writing, and probably budget than most of the main stories. Hit is an interesting villain and deserves the screen time.

“Will There Be a Counterattack!? The Invisible Killing Strike!!”

This episode plays like a greatest hits of the series so far. Not Dragon Ball as a whole, but Super more specifically. Goku is nearly killed like in his battle with Frieza, faces an enemy with Beerus-level power and rival status, and it’s essentially a repeat of the tactics seen in the martial arts tournament. This has to be the best alternative filler to a clip show that this series could possibly manage. Great action and interesting writing is all found here, and it all wraps nicely before the continuation of the greater story (eventually).

Goku’s actual resurrection is really not that convincing though. How could he have known to send that energy ball up in the air, and since when have his blasts been subject to the laws of gravity? At one point these kinds of energy blasts came back down, but he is so powerful now that you think it would leave orbit and off in to space with the flick of his pinky-finger. And even so, how did blasting himself revive him, like some kind of ki-CPR? It is totally ridiculous, but I’m still willing to accept it for some reason. Far, far stranger things have happened in this series.

The fight itself is a lot of fun. It feels serious and intense, while Goku gets to show off his usually underused brain to figure out Hit’s new techniques. To make it more convincing, none of the moves are all that new but rather re-workings of his old abilities. The teleporting punch is especially cool. Speaking of greatest hits, the Kamehameha is still the ultimate finisher in most people’s minds – it’s hard to beat that raw power. But with the two rather evenly matched, the question remains who hired Hit to kill Goku? I had a few ideas but still managed to miss the obvious conclusion. Even though it would make sense for Vados, Champa, or even Whis to hire him, it was Goku after all that really wanted to fight Hit again – so he hired him to expedite the process! This isn’t just entertaining, it feels purposeful. Talk about a great way to train! Now Goku has a serious built-in rival with aspirations to kill him again, considering Vegeta dropped that goal years ago. With the new tournament approaching, it probably won’t be long before we see Hit again.

Episode Score
8.6/10 (Great Filler)

Summary: With Goku definitively not dead yet, the ultimate battle ensues against Hit. How many friendly rivalries can Goku amass?


Extra thoughts:
– Episode title music is still hilariously incongruous.
– That revival… didn’t make much sense.
– He was dead for more than three seconds!
– Let’s go somewhere easier to animate.
– Vegeta’s life is so sad.
– This is going in to Occultic;Nine physics territory.
– Calling it at 16 minutes, the real client has to be Whis.
– Nope! The real culprit is much better. But I was close!
– The music during the Kamehameha really sells it.

Next time: “Gohan’s Misfortune! An Unexpected Great Saiyaman Movie?!”


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