Occultic;Nine 11

If you thought this plot had been twisted too many times already, prepare to be un-twisted and re-twisted again! The real question is, how does this still seem like exposition in the penultimate episode?

“We Want the Airwaves”

For the first third of this episode or so it felt as if the series had finally come to where it needed to be. That would be mostly fully explained, with twists and long expository dialogue pretty much out of the way. Clearly that is not the case. Everything is going to be explained to us in a ‘gotcha’ kind of way until the final minutes, I can see it now. It’s not that I dislike twists, quite the contrary, but there has been such a level of convenience in this series that is hard to ignore.

Despite everything that does get explained again and again, it’s not really made clear why Asunyan (her official name now) can suddenly see everyone at the cafe.  I won’t get in to the weird science of this series too much, mainly because the precedent set is that anything can happen. I just really wish it would stick to its own rules. The stuff that disappears because there is a mutual realization that it doesn’t exist made me laugh a little, as all it would take is a quick mention about their ghostly clothing for them all to be sitting there naked. Perhaps there is a certain comedy that this series is lacking, although it never fails to get a laugh.

It is fun when everything is connected, but there really should be good reason to all of it. Too much coincidence makes it hard to suspend disbelief, and a few of the moments in this episode push that boundary. The Izumi reveal kind of works, in that his closed down cafe has been hosting these people all along to keep track of them, but it brought up some serious problems. Ryo-tas is already a confusing character, what with her possession by the ghost of Tesla’s daughter and all. With Izumi being in on it all along, and her clearly knowing everything all along as well, how has anything taken this long to happen? They all should have been wiped out after the whole team had assembled, or Ryo-tas could have probably warned them a little earlier. The layers of deception are all sorts of strange. It seems that the final episode is going to head in a rather action-oriented direction – a considerable change of style from the rest of the series. That could be quite welcome at this point.

Episode Score
6.3/10 (Fine)

Summary: It’s hard to tell whether this show is revealing truths or still expository. Either way pretty much everything is a twist and nobody is what they seem.


Extra thoughts:
– Let’s get out of our car, look at the thing we came to see and all know full well about, and then talk about it like we have to explain what it does every time we meet. Oh exposition.
– What a twist.
– Why even bother with the mask at this point?
– So Yuuta is a super hero now. The Chosen One.
Kisaki AsunyanA+ naming work, Yuuta.
– How is he hanging from the ceiling?

Next time: “We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together”

The whole series in a nutshell. 

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