Occultic;Nine 10

Nothing is ever as it seems, and at the same time is exactly what you expect. It’s all there right in front of your nose. Just follow the tropes.

“Another Girl, Another Planet”

This is a strange one, that’s for sure. Not exactly the worst episode of this series, but it’s filled with so many baffling twists that create mild entertainment and complete bemusement at the same time. If there was any chance of taking this series seriously it has probably turned in to an astral projection and dissipated in to the wind – or wherever that masked person is sending ghosts. A lot of points are hit upon, or somewhat ‘revealed’, but it’s all a little awkward. Is the devil-guy who isn’t a ghost in this experiment really Aria’s brother? Why does he have those visions? Things like that. But let’s get to the big one.

Ryoka, Zonko, Aveline Tesla – they’re one in the same apparently. Of course Nikola Tesla had a secret daughter and she somehow lives on through one of the main characters an astral form. It’s mildly annoying that there has been a character hanging around this whole time that knew what was going on and didn’t say anything. It isn’t even really made clear here if Aveline has been in control the whole time or if the bubbly Ryo-tas was her regular self sometimes. Wait, either way she would have most of the information our detectives needed (more on that later)! And she has even been carrying around a literal Chekhov’s Gun, because everything that exists has to be important. This is all so insanely baffling and kind of wonderful. I figure that if this show is going crazy, it might as well go all the way.

The ’emperor’ of the medical conglomerate is Ryoka’s grandfather. Which means they included one of the most important people they know in the first round of testing this procedure for eternal life? Add another check to the insanity list. And now they’re just going to eradicate the first generation?! What is even going on here? I don’t think my brain can take this much more. Insert something about magically deciphering a code in seconds using unicode and 8-bit I-Ching mumbo-jumbo and the episode is over. Phew. Yet somehow I’m still looking forward to next week. The previews of the upcoming episodes look so amazing in the ending I fall for it every time.

Episode Score
6.5/10 (What!?)

Summary: Some baffling twists arise as the mystery nears its end. It’s always the least serious character that turns out to be the most important, right? Also watch out for Chekhov’s Guns.


Extra thoughts:
– Is there ever a need for all these askew camera angles?
– What should Miyuu do for everyone? Use your powers damnit.
– Being invisible can be useful, huh? -_-
– Even that’s too “big of a stretch” for your character settings!
– That was a boob joke.
– It would be nice to make money from a blog. *cough*
– The toy gun thing was a Chekhov’s Gun the whole time. Really.
– Talk about no chill when it comes to photos.
– Nice CGI caskets there in the post credits.

Next time: “We Want the Airwaves”



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