Hibike! Euphonium S2 – 10

It’s super hard to please everyone in your life (so don’t). But there are certain times when you really have to let go of your mindset and accept your fate. Asuka, it’s your fate to be in this band, clearly.

“After-School Obbligato”

The connection between what Kumiko has been witnessing with her sister and the situation at school with Asuka finally connects. We got it a few episodes ago, but we’re all super smart right?  Kumiko’s sister seems to finally figure out what she wanted to know in high school, and her arc comes to a close as well. She’ll be there at the nationals to cheer on her cute little sister, like any good sibling! It is particularly wonderful how real and honest these sisters are with each other in this episode, somehow being both awkward and heartwarming.

Asuka and Kumiko’s exchange during lunch break hits some interesting points of the high-school student mindset. Sure, everybody thinks their being more adult than they are and could use a reality check every now and again, but it’s dealing with others that really becomes problematic. Here is the classic “you don’t really know me (or them)” argument. In this case Asuka uses Kumiko’s inability to read minds as proof that nobody really wants her back – clearly a bad argument to all of us watching it. The real response to this horrible mindset is that you only know what people show you, and in fact that is really them. That is as much them as the side you might not see – which is just as valid to them, but not so much to you. So when it comes to dealing with people, the best advice is to take note of their actions first and possible intentions second, because you just can’t know for sure. If everyone is cheering you on, they’re more than likely cheering you on. And if they’re not on the inside? Who cares. If someone is a complete asshole to everyone around them but really super nice on ‘the inside’, well you can see where this is going. If they don’t act on any of those interior intentions, they might as well not be real to everyone around them. If they do, then it gets dealt with. It’s hard to say whether Asuka truly learns this lesson here, but Kumiko sure yells it in her face with energy.

And so the Asuka situation is resolved, but it really didn’t come down to Kumiko or anyone else other than Asuka herself. Seems like a bit of a strange beat that she came back really just because her grades were so good. By that logic, none of the emotional weight over the last few episodes means much of anything at all! Kumiko might have gotten through to her at last, but it really doesn’t matter with this conclusion – it was likely going to work out in the end anyway. But with this resolved, the team is all set for natio- oh wow, check out that look from robot Reina. That head turn is just so amazingly fierce in its coldness. Can’t wait to see how this works itself out. They have to outdo Yuri!!!! On Ice and get engaged or something, if not at least kiss. Hopeful thoughts. Oh and there will be music, probably.

Episode Score
9.0/10 (Very Good)

Summary: The Asuka situation took a lot of work, but it seems to be resolved, though not really by anyone but Asuka herself. What was all the yelling for then?


Extra thoughts:
– If you can’t handle band and academics, life doesn’t get easier.
– Don’t ignore your yuri love, Kumiko.
– The moderately-startled facial expression sisters.
– Awww sibling love. So awkward.
– Do we really need flashbacks from this episode?
– Damn that Asuka is evil.
– Sometimes you just have to realize you’re still a kid. (Unless you’re not)
– Holy shi- that look from Reina was COLD.

So fierce.



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