Dragon Ball Super 69

The world is doomed. The ultimate warrior has arrived and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Is this the end for our heroes and their valiant efforts to defend the universe? Waku-waku.

“Goku VS Arale! A Ridiculous Battle That Will End the Earth!?”

We’ve been transported to another time – the early 80’s by the looks of it, although in glorious high-definition. Here we have another in a long line of cross-overs between Dragon Ball and the gag-comedy Dr. Slump, featuring the perfect android Arale. How about that recreation of the Dr. Slump: Arale-chan opening? Fantastic. Dragon Ball Super has done quite a bit of comedy up until this point, but this is a whole other ballgame (more on that next week). This is straight gag comedy and a pretty fantastic example of it at that. If you’re not up on your Akira Toriyama trivia, Dr. Slump was a comedy manga, and eventually anime, that ran from 1980-84 in Weekly Shonen Jump. As one of Toriyama’s earlier works, and highly regarded as launching his career, it ties in to the Dragon Ball series numerous times. If these are a couple of off-weeks for Super, why not have some fun with it?

Arale is perfect – in the sense that she is a pretty much indestructible android with ultimate power. We’ve seen quite a few androids up to this point, but none of them compare. Arale is the perfect gag character, just ask Vegeta. Their ‘fight’ is just absolutely precious. It hits every single one of the tropes in Vegeta’s character on the nose, from his pride to well, his pride. And of course the fact that he is always easily beaten to make room for Goku’s fight. It is kind of a pity that they don’t really get to fight it out for real after recognizing each-other. But we also don’t want Goku dying again, again, again.

The Beerus angle in this is just masterful. Who else do you put up against the ultimately powerful android than an ultimately powerful and equally temperamental source of destruction? The method of calling Beerus to Earth is probably the best display of comedic prowess and self-awareness we get in this episode. It’s pretty much a spirit-bomb of food – something that can truly defeat Beerus once and for all! We’re never quite given the answer to Beerus being able to destroy Arale or not, but just like last episode it’s really not what we’re here for. These kinds of ongoing series are ongoing for a reason.

Episode Score
9.0/10 (Amazing)

Summary: Let us go back to the 80’s for a moment and face the one enemy Goku will never be able to defeat, Arale-chan. Gag-comedy is the name of the game, and the fourth wall does not fare well.


Extra thoughts:
– Good lord Goku’s hair. Oh that’s better.
– Not like this is canon, right?
-Sensei Vegeta to the rescue.
– Nooo, the fourth wall! It is destroyed!
– But… the Earth
– Don’t speak of a god like temp staff. Dispatch Beerus!
– If your poop has a face, seek medical attention.
– It’s a food spirit bomb!
– Got through this with no 69 jokes.

Next time: “Champa’s Challenge! This Time We Fight With Baseball!”

Bye-cha! But I feel like we’re forgetting something…



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