Fall 2016 Weekly Reactions Dec 4 – 10

Have you started searching out gifts for your friends and loved ones yet? It’s never too early. An anime-print body pillow will surely get everyone talking about your gift-giving abilities! In the meantime, let’s watch some anime. (Update Dec 10: Occultic;Nine 10!)

As per usual, check out the full reviews for more thoughts and plenty of screenshots.

Dragon Ball Super

This Week’s Episode: 69
Goku VS Arale! A Ridiculous Battle That Will End the Earth!?
Let us go back to the 80’s for a moment and face the one enemy Goku will never be able to defeat, Arale-chan. Gag-comedy is the name of the game, and the fourth wall does not fare well.

This episode is just as ridiculous as I was hoping it to be. The style and gag-humor throughout is a total call-back to Toriyama’s early days and a thing to behold. Sure, the action never resolves and we’re kind of floating around in filler-land, but it’s a fun ride. The way even Beerus gets in on this gag is just wonderful – the food bomb! Sorry Vegeta, you got Vegeta’d hardcore. Bye-cha!
9.0/10 (Amazing-cha)

Who are you again?

Hibike! Euphonium S2 

This Week’s Episode: 10
“After-School Obbligato”
Summary: The Asuka situation took a lot of work, but it seems to be resolved, though not really by anyone but Asuka herself. What was all the yelling for then?

Kumiko’s relationship with her sister is wonderfully highlighted (wrapped-up?) in this episode. They really are quite alike. The lesson of the week is to, once again, do what you want to be doing and that you are your biggest obstacle at times. If you’re still in high school try to remember that you’re still a kid, and that’s not a bad thing for the time being.
9.0/10 (Very Good)

Oh damn.


This Week’s Episode: 10
“Another Girl, Another Planet”
Summary: Some baffling twists arise as the mystery nears its end. It’s always the least serious character that turns out to be the most important, right? Also watch out for Chekhov’s Guns.

There’s just so much to hate about this series, but somehow it’s still kind of endearing. If it can manage to go full-crazy it might just be insane enough to work. The problem is if it takes itself too seriously in the end, which for the love of Tesla it better not. It’s been a fun ride for sure, but it’s hard not to laugh at some of the more obvious tropes.
6.5/10 (What the-)

Chekhov zap.


(Keep checking back here for extra thoughts on shows not being covered by full reviews.)


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