Occultic;Nine 09

Visible ghosts are far more valuable than invisible ghosts, because you know those invisible ghosts are a dime-a-dozen.

“Future Days”

Gamon sticks to his “I’m dead nothing matters” attitude this week and gives the rest of the cast some time to figure things out in his absence. Mostly it’s back to Miyuu, which would be great if she didn’t degrade so much as a character since her friend’s death. But wait, somehow she is kind of back to form here. The blind insistence that her friend is not dead is still ridiculous, but Miyuu kind of manages to accept everything that is going on and deal with the problems head-on for at least a few moments.

The fight with the albino kid is the highlight of this episode. There’s still no explanation on who or what he is, other than a minor that clearly thinks he can’t be held responsible for anything he does (real life note: minors can still get in trouble, obviously). I don’t envy Asuna’s situation here, because this part of the investigation doesn’t seem to have any answers. The fight scene between the three of them is very interesting, as Miyuu can’t be seen by Asuna but can still physically affect the kid, thereby helping immensely. Even more interesting is that Ryouka (big-boobs, considering I have yet to use her name) shows up and hugs the invisible Miyuu, much to Asuna’s consternation.

The mystery behind the 256 incident was somewhat solved in the past few episodes with the revelation that the evil organization or The Society of Eight Gods of Fortune failed/succeeded in their experiment for eternal life, separate from the physical body. Now it’s more of a question of how all of these people were involved in such an experiment. Even further in to that line of questioning, why are there only a select few that seem to be still ‘visible’ ghosts? There are just so many questions, and despite the word-count in each episode, not nearly enough answers. Or maybe there are too many answers? It’s really getting hard to keep track.

So is there time travel going on here in some way? The number of indirect links to Steins;Gate keep increasing, but they all seem more like Easter eggs than anything substantial. The possibility is there though, for time travel, as this series is already dealing with astral-projection and eternal life – nothing is really off-limits. Is it a good idea to pile on the sci-fi tropes? Probably not, but if the story can manage fitting in a time travel dynamic as good as Steins;Gate there would really be little to complain about. The likelihood of that is not good. Now as for the back-and-forth level of quality in this series, we finally see a departure this time around. This just isn’t a great episode, with more fast-talk and strange or random connections between plot points. It’s by no means bad, but it could definitely benefit from some pacing adjustment (or twice as many episodes).

Episode Score
6.8/10 (Fine)

Summary: Some interesting action helps, but there are still far too many words and not enough answers.


Extra thoughts:
– Sarai and Touko are quite the power couple.
– Why would you go in to a secret hole in the ground alone?
– First-person CGI.
– Hey look, more boxes! Wonder what’s in them.
– Trying to avoid the use of the term bloody box.
-“I’m a minor” has to be the worst defense ever.
– Her hair disappeared, hope none of them get cremated.
– Scandium is real, this use of it is not.

Next time: “Another Girl, Another Planet”



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