Dragon Ball Super 68

This might be a bit of between-arc filler, but it’s the most charming Dragon Ball Super has been in a while. When comedy is the focus, and not just thrown in to action sequences, it can really shine.

“Come Forth, Shenron! Whose Wish Will Be Granted!?”

First things first, Bulma already (re)built a time machine that seemed to be working just fine. But because the plot demands it, the final piece is just out of her reach. It’s the perfect time for wishes to come true. If only there were somethi- ok I’ll stop there. Despite this being pretty much a slice-of-life version of Dragon Ball, it’s the most fun it’s been in a while, and the comedy really works here. There is interesting character building after all these years, and it all really flows well through the episode. If only most of the cast were as selfless (gullible, dumb) as Goku.

King Kai and his odd little family have been dead for a long time now, and I’m not really sure how it has affected them. They seem to be doing just fine really, carrying on with their same daily lives. But it’s quite a nice gesture for Goku to want to bring them back after all these years. Bringing an exploding Imperfect Cell to someone’s home isn’t exactly kind, even if you were ‘thinking of them’. It’s also obvious that from the moment Goku sets out to revive his other-worldly friends that there is no way in hell that is actually going to come to fruition. It’s just not. (Spoiler alert: it doesn’t)

Although Roshi just wants a bunch of young girls, Oolong still wants panties, and Pilaf wants to rule the world, Android 18 and Gohan’s wishes are pretty reasonable. They’re also pretty easily solved, considering Krillin just wants to be with 18 and Pan would more likely than not get better anyway. Bulma’s wish is easily solved by getting Goku to do it, or like, waiting a little while? She has a suit that can withstand the earth’s core (preposterous), just send a random employee there or something ridiculous! Pilaf has to be the most entertaining aspect of this episode, as it was just way too much fun to see him get completely rekt, over and over again. So close yet so far.

If we learned anything from this episode it’s that Bulma is the most powerful being in the universe. She’s uber-rich, smart, and attractive. Why would you need wishes at that point? Even Goku realizes she’s pretty much as good as Shenron. But she can’t bring King Kai and friends back to life! If you were expecting that to happen though you have a lot to learn about this series, and comedy. So despite the fact that this episode has pretty much no purpose or bearing on the overall series, it’s still a lot of fun.

Episode Score
8.2/10 (Very Good)

Summary: Everybody and their mom wants a wish granted by Shenron. There are only two wishes. Hilarity ensues.

So much for any more time travel.

Extra thoughts:
– Goku should never promise anything.
– Dull is probably for the best, Master Roshi.
– This chef has no idea.
– What a long history of impressively dumb wishes.
– You need to struggle while you’re young.
– Money is better than wishes.

Next time: “Goku VS Arale! A Ridiculous Battle That Will End the Earth!?”



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