Occultic;Nine 08

Eternal life is a catchy phrase, and one that could bring in a lot of money for those throwing it around. Nothing is ever that easy though – except maybe for our main cast.

“Happiness is a Warm Gun”

I feel as if I have made a lot of references to Lost, the hit ABC drama that went nowhere, in my reviews. Well, here again we have a cast of pretty much dead characters still living their lives in some kind of alternate level of existence. But this is no Mayoiga, or Lost for that matter. It’s doing everything kind of alright! The mystery isn’t wholly set on whether they’re dead or alive, but rather the consequences and solution to the problem at large. The introduction of this new investigator, Asuna, is really holding it all together as well. It’s kind of unfortunate she hasn’t been around since the beginning and feels kind of forced in so late.

Once again though this series struggles from its see-saw between interesting, revelation-filled episodes and just useless droning dialogue. There is so much in this episode that seemingly doesn’t matter, or we kind of already knew. In-between the blocks of incoherent babbling are some very important points, but they seem to get lost quite easily. This whole pseudo-religion set-up by the main character’s dad (what) is a pretty important point, and seemingly the driving factor for the entire story. The name ‘The Society of Eight Gods of Fortune’ was also thrown around so many times it made my head spin. They’re a church, a cult, an evil organization, a medical company, big-pharma, doing a good thing, and defying the laws of nature all at once. Even their ’emperor’ doesn’t seem to care for them that much – who I’m guessing is Yuta’s dad for some reason, because why not. They’re also really bad at figuring out how their tests went, and have screwed 256 people to possibly an eternity of semi-existence.

The interaction between the main cast and the rest of the world has become an interesting aspect of each episode. Specifically it’s how they are not quite able to interact fully with the real world, but still have some physical connection. Yuta runs in to people all the time and they feel him there, but can’t see him. The best part of this episode, although awkwardly out of the blue, is Sumikaze finding the secret copy of Hashigami’s last paper in a secret hiding spot. But that also seems like a big twist that gets kind of glossed over. Despite so many odd flaws, I’m still hooked on this series. But by the simple calculation of the even-numbered episodes being the lows points on the see-saw, it’s not looking good for the finale.

Episode Score
7.1/10 (Fine)

Summary: Our main cast is probably not dead, but not exactly alive either. Eternal life comes at a high price, and is also a good way for an evil organization to trick the rich in to giving up money and power.


Extra thoughts:
Still shots are a great money-saver.
– The entirely white kid is still a mystery.
– Way to probably SCARE THE CRAP out of a bunch of people.
– An psychic teenager FBI agent in a foreign country… sure.
– “I’m not the main character” trope.
– If the evil organization likes Hashigami so much, who killed him?
– Miyuu is having a rough go of it lately.
– No Aria this week? What is this sh-

Next time: “Future Days”

This end-cards are really good.

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