Fall 2016 Weekly Reactions Nov 27 – Dec 3

It’s finally here, the release of Final Fantasy XV! Oh it’s December as well this week, and pretty much the official start of the holiday season, but this is an event 10 years in the making. Don’t forget to take regular breaks to watch some anime. (Update Dec 3: Occultic;Nine 09)

In related news, if you haven’t watched the FFXV animated series, you can do so right here on Clouded! They’re amazing short episodes and reveal a good amount of background information about the characters and their relationships that you won’t find in-game. Probably even more important than watching Kingsglaive.

Now on to this week’s lineup.

Dragon Ball Super 

This Week’s Episode: 68
“Come Forth, Shenron! Whose Wish Will Be Granted!?”
Summary: Everybody and their mom wants a wish granted by Shenron. There are only two wishes. Hilarity ensues.

Although this episode will have no bearing on any continuing arc, it was a lot of fun. Some classic characters were on display with their classic defining traits, and it worked so well – mainly because this is all comic relief after an extended action-packed arc. It’s good to have a bit of a cool-down, and this fits the bill perfectly.
8.2/10 (Very Good)

So much for any more time travel though.

Hibike! Euphonium 

This Week’s Episode: 09
“Sound! Euphonium”
Summary: Asuka’s musical past, and motivation, is revealed to us. Could the push towards nationals get any more emotional?

This series continues its run of fantastic episodes building the drama towards the nationals and the big finale. I didn’t think Asuka’s story could could get much more emotional, and then it throws quite the curveball. There is so much riding on the experience of the nationals, and what it means for each and every character, the wait is just agonizing. Oh, and super yuri vibes as per usual.
9.5/10 (Amazing)

Screw ice, this yuri is on FIRE!!!


This Week’s Episode: 09
“Future Days”
Summary: Some interesting action helps, but there are still far too many words and not enough answers.

This episode breaks the streak of back-and-forth quality, staying pretty flat from last week. There’s a cool plot hidden here amongst all the babbling and occult-speak, and plent of interesting questions. Too many questions, probably. At this rate we’re looking at a pretty decent series, but nothing particularly special either. Oh and don’t forget about all those Steins;Gate references. People loved that series!
6.8/10 (Fine)



(Keep checking back here for extra thoughts on shows not being covered by full reviews.)

Final Fantasy XV will obviously be a huge distraction for me.

Bro-trip continued in FFXV

Oh and I’ve been playing a lot of Pokemon: Sun as well.

I obviously chose the fire-kitten. It’s so lit.

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