Dragon Ball Super 67

Is it over? How about now? OK we can probably call this a wrap on the Future Trunks Arc, for better or worse. Was it an improvement to the series as a whole? Definitely. But it leaves a lot of questions as to what comes next.

“With New Hope!! In Our Hearts Farewell, Trunks”

It’s never over until… really there’s no way to know if it’s ever over in this franchise. But clearly it was too easy for Trunks to slice Zamasu in half – there had to be more. And Zamasu’s final form here is both kind of amazing and totally absurd. You would think he would have started this whole endeavor with trying to become justice and order itself. Probably would have saved a lot of time.

With the entire team pretty much out of commission, Goku finds his little Zeno-summon button in his back pocket in the most convenient display of convenience that has ever been convenient. It is a literal deus-ex machina – god from the machine. I can’t say that I’m overly happy with this resolution, but it definitely makes some sense. If you have the ability to call in a favor like that, and it has been previously set-up in the story, why not go for it? It does bring up the question of Zamasu having killed all the gods in the timeline, because Zeno-sama is definitely one of them, or he should have at least noticed. This whole ordeal kind of sets up a new level of power for the saiyans to achieve, considering this was so far beyond their ability. Zeno-sama just mops it up in one go (with some collateral damage of course). It also seems that Beerus and Whis could have handled it as well in some way.

Goku’s return to the future to find a confused and lonely Zeno-sama is just the perfect little tag to that ridiculous ending. He did promise to find him a new friend, and who makes a better friend than yourself…? We seem to be getting a little more connection to the top-most level of power in the universes as well. Whis extols the virtues of universe 7 to his father, which is quite a surprise. But all of this does seem like a bit of a slippery slope towards the (more) ridiculous. If Zeno-sama can solve all problems, what’s the point of even having the saiyans do anything anymore? Future Trunks won’t be a part of the team going forward, after a tearful goodbye. The Gohan moment definitely hits the right notes, and even redeems his uselessness just a little for me. Perhaps he’ll be motivated by Trunks to make more of an effort going forward. Either way, it looks like we’re in line for a fair bit of filler/comedy until the next arc starts up. I wonder how this series will step up its game once again after coming this far.

Episode Score
7.9/10 (Good)

Summary: Sometimes you just need a literal deus-ex machina to bail you out of a situation. Zamasu is gone for good, but so is the necessity for super saiyans too I think.

Saiyan family values.

Extra thoughts:
– “Your sword was like a spirit-bomb,” thanks captain obvious.
– It’s never over.
– All the final moves!
– Who drew this?
– A literal zeno-sama ex machina.
– Can you really just hang on like that?
– That is Whis’ FATHER!?
– That’s one way to give your kid a high-five.

Next time: “Come Forth, Shenron! Whose Wish Will Be Granted!?”


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